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Catching a Cheating Wife Vs Husband

Why would there be a difference between catching a husband cheating, and catching a wife cheating? Mainly because it is more common for the wife to stay at home, and for the husband to work. All methods listed in this site can be used to catch a cheating spouse, or detect an affair, but some methods may be more effective for husbands, and some for wives. You can ignore this article if your wife is not a housewife, and just use the catch a cheating spouse guide.

If you haven't already, you may want to read the page on "signs of a cheating spouse" before continuing. Knowing the signs, and then gathering evidence is what we recommend. Blind accusations will just cause relationship stress (plus make your spouse a better cheater).

Here's a breakdown on the current methods we talk about.

Cellphone Spies - This is equally useful for catching both a wife or a husband. Even if in most relationships the husband is the one who goes out to work, everyone in this day and age has a cellphone. Even my mom, who is in her 60s, has a cellphone. So this method is on the top of the list because it works well for both husbands and wives, is cheap, and available world wide. The only downside to this is if your spouse is not using a personal cellphone, and is provided one by the company they work for. This takes the top spot for catching a cheating spouse, it's like a keylogger for your cellphone bundled up with GPS cellphone tracking.

Keyloggers - This method won't work as much for people who use computers/laptops that are not their own. Work computers for example, are protected by the companies who own them. You most likely are not allowed to install anything, and if you are, it is recorded. Installing any monitoring device on anything you do not own is illegal. So if your husband rarely uses the computer/laptop at home, this won't be as effective as the cellphone spy. If you suspect your wife of cheating on you, and she just stays at home, then this would be a good option to catch her cheating because it is more likely that she uses the computer to talk to other people. This is also as cheap as the cellphone spy, depending on whether or not you opt for the hardware or software version keylogger. Software, be it cellphone spies, or keyloggers, are always cheaper than their hardware counterparts.

Hidden Cameras - Perfect to catch a cheating wife that stays at home and doesn't work out of the house. If you want to know if your spouse gets visits from people while you aren't home, consider using a motion activated hidden camera, so you can set it and forget it for a few days. It only activates when it detects movement, so that saves you a lot of hard drive space. Not as effective for cheating husbands unless he uses your car, and you can find a portable camera to install there. Portable surveillance equipment costs more than regular "plug in" camera equipment. I wouldn't spend more money to get a camera with better resolution. I would recommend the cheapest hidden camera or portable hidden camera you can get, the lower the resolution the better (cause it's cheaper). We aren't looking to make a home movie, we're trying to find out what is happening behind the scenes. Buying multiple lower resolution cameras is better than buying some HD super camera that can zoom in etc.

GPS Car trackers - A lot more useful for cheating spouses that work, or leave the house regularly. These are cheap, you can find some ranging from $30+-$40+, some of the more expensive ones require a monthly subscription though. Not as effective for cheating spouses who do not leave the house. May work for a wife that takes those 5 hour "shopping trips". GPS trackers can be replaced by simply remembering how many miles your spouse drives when they go to work/shop, and checking your mileage. Knowing your spouse's daily routine will save you some cash, but the downside to that is you can't PROVE they are lying. With a GPS tracker, you have solid data to backup your claims. This is also the method which my mother used when my father cheated on her, but it was a cellphone GPS tracker that a service provider had built in. It's original purpose was to help you locate your phone if you lost it, or it got stolen. But I guess it also helped her know that she was being cheated on.

Digital Voice Recorders - Another way that works best against cheating housewives vs spouses that work out of the house. Read the article for some suggested placements of your voice recorders, as well as two product recommendations. I bought two models of the cheaper one so I can monitor more areas vs the other model with more storage. Be sure to get a voice recorder that has voice activated recording features to save on storage and time sifting through hours of silence. One of the better methods, but you'd have to spend a minimum of $30.

Baiting Your Cheating Spouse - The best FREE method of catching your spouse cheating. Is this the same as impersonation? No, not really. Impersonation is when you call up credit card companies, or phone providers and fish for private details such as who owns what phone or what credit card charges were made while pretending to be the person, or their spouse. With this method, you are just going to fish for your spouse's cheating stories by pretending to be someone that is willing to cheat with them. I consider this the best free method of catching a cheating husband or wife because it has a chance of you finding out their secret email addresses or phone numbers. If you are low on cash and can't afford any of the tools mentioned here, there is cost in trying to bait a cheater into confessing to an affair.

Tracking Your Spouse's Internet Activities - This works well with the above method, and it's free as well. Not too effective if your spouse knows how to clear their internet browsing history. But if they don't, you will know what sites they visit, what they search on Google, and if they view porn sites secretly while you're away.

Private Investigators - Hired professionals. No question about it, this is THE best way to know whether or not your spouse is cheating. These guys are professionals, they make their living out of finding out the truth and providing information. Private Eyes will always get the job done, they employ all the methods found on this site, and some of their own. The only reason I recommend them last is because they are EXTREMELY costly compared to keyloggers, cellphone spies, and hidden cameras. If you plan on hiring a private eye, don't be surprised if the bill reaches the 4 digit range.

When I say I think it's the best way to know if she's cheating, I mean that for private investigators who have a good record. Be sure to check out the guide linked above to help you in selecting a private investigator. Don't just hire someone because they are your only option in your area. If they have a horrible record, you'd best do it yourself. And if you've had some experience with private investigators, please consider sharing it on the Private Investigator Reviews page, for the benefit of those people who in the future need help selecting a good P.I. company.

View things from the other side, learn how your husband will cheat on you by reading the "How To Cheat On Your Wife" article. Just to be clear, I DO NOT CONDONE CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE. This is just to show you some ways that your husband can cheat on you, and how they may avoid detection. It's a spin from the regular article where we talk about how to catch a cheater, it may be more eye opening when "reverse engineered".


Anonymous said...

hidden cams are how i caught my wife

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend a small, cheap GPS tracker that I could put on a car?

Blogger said...

You can use this, if you are okay with daily recharging. This isn't the type of GPS that actually helps you navigate through roads, it's a simple GPS that reports the car's location, that's why it's only $40.

For the same price though, I would buy a cell phone spy, most of them have real time GPS tracking built in.

Good luck

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