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Catch a Cheating Spouse With GPS Car Tracking

What is GPS car tracking?

GPS Car tracking is when you attach a GPS device (hidden from plain view) and monitor the car's location via a tracker unit which you hold safe. A GPS (Global Positioning System) car tracker will help you in determining exactly where your spouse, or at least his or her car is at.

Obviously an important tool in determining whether you have infidelity problems in your marriage or relationship. This option is best suited for those who do not have that much cash to spend for hiring private investigators.

A GPS car tracking unit will help you know the truth, if your husband or wife is lying to you. A cheating spouse will most likely take a day off from work, and not tell you, then head off to meet the person they are cheating on you with. This is where a GPS car tracker, or other such GPS devices which you can attach secretly to his or her things (briefcase etc) comes in handy.

And no, you do not need to be technically savy to operate any of the GPS devices to catch you cheating husband or wife. It's a simple process which involves attaching the tiny GPS tracker to their car, or any other place that won't be easily found, and then monitoring it with the GPS device which shows you on a map where the exact location of the tracker is. Most recommendable products come with a handy step by step instruction, and tech support if you do have any problems.

There are various choices for GPS tracking, not just attachments to your car. There are GPS tracking for cell phones too, which costs a monthly subscription (ask about this from your supplies, as prices vary from more or less than $10 a month), and several other types of GPS handheld devices. Cellphone GPS trackers are an alternative, if your spouse does not use a car to get around.

GPS Tracking Units

How would GPS car tracking help me with my cheating spouse?

The most important thing to remember is to avoid infidelity, is you need to know the truth. With some men or women, all it takes is a simple conversation, setting of boundaries, and respecting each others needs or desires. Other people just cannot help it and will lie to you, some studies show that there is an innate need for men and some cannot control their physical urges. GPS car tracking or having cellphone spies will help get you out of the dark, what you do about it when you know he or she is lying to you is all up to you, but of course if you really love your spouse you will do everything you can to save your relationship/marriage. GPS tracking devices for cars will give you undeniable proof that you can use when you confront your spouse.

Confrontation is ALWAYS better than remaining idle and waiting for your cheating spouse to correct themselves, they may even be brainwashed by the other person to leave you. Remaining idle will not do anything good for you, when you decide to confront them you will more than likely end up having better self esteem. There are various articles on this site about dealing with infidelity, and marriage counseling.

Confronting a cheating spouse after you know that he or she has been lying about their whereabouts may just save your relationship/marriage, or give you an advantage in court if you plan on going with this option. I recommend any sort of GPS cartracking/Cellphone spies to help put your mind at rest and finally know the truth about what is really happening when he or she is away from the house.

If you are still unsure if you need or want a GPS Car tracker, check out this list of cheating spouse signs. For those of you who do not want to actively look for evidence against your cheating spouse, I have also written a basic guide on how to hire a private investigator, and how to monitor your computer using a keylogger. Be warned though, a GPS car tracker is loads cheaper (and only you get to know the details of the affair) than hiring a private investigator. See more ways to catch your cheating spouse, follow the link to our guide.Please fully read the guide before asking questions on the comments section. Also read the comments on every post you view, there are loads of helpful tidbits in there posted by other readers.

January 2011 Update : You might be interested in a cheaper alternative than installing a GPS car tracker, it's a GPS cellphone tracker, discussed in the cellphone spy article.

Disclaimer :
Please remember that monitoring a cellphone YOU DON'T OWN is illegal. So is attaching a GPS device on a car you don't own. Any kind of monitoring you do should be on a piece of equipment or property that YOU DO OWN. You are responsible for your own actions and the actions of the people you hire (private investigators).


Anonymous said...

I've suspected my damn husband of cheating on me for years. I never had the stomach to do anything about until friend recomended I put a gps locator on him. I found an affordable one at brickhousesecurity.com and hid it in his car. When he didn't come right home after and drover to her house, I was able to confront him.

Ladies, do yourself a favor, don't be a victim, if your even a little suspect, take action get proof. Don't be made a fool of!

Anonymous said...

Hi How did the result shows? are you still using it? Dont mind me sell to me for a price. I got to sort out my life partner too.



Blogger said...

Yes, I have used it before, but now I mainly only use it to monitor my kids whereabouts.

It works great, GPS car tracking is the best tool to monitor where he or she goes, as long as your spouse is using the car or cellphone you've installed the GPS tracker on.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

What if your spouse finds out? Couldn't they press criminal charges against you?

Blogger said...

If you own whatever car/cellphone you install a GPS tracker on, they can't sue you for that.

And if your SPOUSE sues you, I think you need a divorce.

Anonymous said...

I am using one now great I found one used for around 35.00 works from my lap top in the past week I have caught him in like 4-5 lies daily-- where he eats at-what side of town he has his lunch at-no real proof yet just mutiple lies and the days to come should be interesting my spouse hides his keys and everyting from me but after 20 years I learned how to find them lol!! I will keep yall posted as the world turns in texas

Anonymous said...

Hi wife from texas. what are your results?

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost to have a private investigator to put a gps tracker on my husbands car?

Blogger said...

Poster @12:33
I don't know where you live, so you better ask private investigators in your area.

Google "Privite investigator *your location*".

Anonymous said...

I just bought a "spouse tracker" bundle, it came with a manual, a book guide, and a subscription fee.

The spouse tracker bundle was just an over priced GPS tracker. I feel ripped off.


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