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Tools To Catch Cheaters

This is a compilation of spy tools that can be used against cheating spouses. We won't cover those that already have their own pages. Follow these links if you were looking for cell phone spies, hardware keyloggers, or software keyloggers (macs and pcs).

Instead of creating a page for each type of hidden spy cam and GPS tracker, I'll compile the list here, much easier to access and update.

Prices are subject to change, click the links to verify. You can also try searching Ebay for the items I list here, try and find a better second hand price.
Last updated : March 5, 2012


Hidden Cameras

The only types of hidden cameras I'm going to recommend are the motion activated "disguised" hidden cameras. The regular hidden cameras that run all day are bigger, because of the power requirements and storage, which makes them not the best choice for covertly monitoring your house. It also gives you more work to do because you have to skim through all the hidden spy cam footage you captured.

If you plan to look for a camera yourself on a local store, or amazon's video cam section, be sure to pick one with motion sensor/motion detecting features. Saves you time, and money.You could also check your local directory, or Google local private investigators to check if they rent out spy cameras.

Related Terms :
DVR - Means Digital Video Recorder
SDHC - Secure Digital High Capacity

Hidden spy camera clocks
One of the best objects to turn into a hidden spy cam, a clock. These types are great because they look just like a clock, and are actually fully functional alarm clocks.

iShot Hidden Video Camera Alarm Clock (DVR) $199.95 (Amazon)
What's included?
  • Wireless Hidden Spy Cam Clock
  • 1 GB SD card (you can buy your own up to 16GB)
  • Plug and Play (no complicated setups)

This spy clock camera is tiny, records all captured footage on an SD card (which you can extract to your computer), and most important of all it has motion sensors that only starts recording when it detects movement in the immediate area. It's also small enough to fit in the palm of your hands.

You need four triple A batteries to power it, and it can use any SD card you own that can store between 128 megabytes to 16 gigabytes. With a 16 GB SD card, you can store up to 24 hours worth of video footage. That's more than enough to justify leaving this camera on it's own for a day or two, considering the camera only activates when it detects any movement. This camera's effective range is 20-30 feet.

Just a warning, if you don't have a big enough SD card, don't leave this camera running for more than half a day, because the camera will automatically overwrite old footage with new ones when it runs out of storage space.

This is what I recommend over all the other spy clocks.

Covert Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Camera (DVR) $249.95 (Amazon)

What's Included?
  • Wireless Hidden Spy Cam Clock
  • 2GB SD card (you can buy an SD card up to 32GB)
  • Plug and Play (no complicated setups)

Exactly like the first spy clock, but with the option to record continuously, at a set schedule, or when it detects movement. It also has double the storage potential if you choose to buy a bigger SD card.

I would stick with the iShot hidden video cam, it's cheaper and upgradeable to 16GB, more than enough. The only thing that makes this alarm clock more expensive is that it comes with a bigger SD card, and it's visually more appealing. And that's not saying much, because a 32GB SD card is only $54, this comes with a tiny 2GB SD card, which is only $2!

So for an extra $50, all you are really getting is a better looking alarm clock, that has a bigger max storage size of 32GB, vs iShot's max storage size of 16GB. At it's full potential, iShot costs $227, because 16GB SD cards are $27, Covert Alarm Clock costs $304.

Instead of getting 1 covert alarm clock, I'd recommend you get 2 iShot cameras or 1 iShot plus something similar so you can monitor multiple rooms, the 16GB SD card will last you more than a day, may even last you a week if you put it in a room that doesn't get a lot of foot traffic.

Nightvision Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio $649.95 (Amazon)
What's Included?
  • Wireless Hidden Spy Cam Clock Radio
  • 2 GB SD card (you can buy an SD card up to 32GB)
  • Power adapter you can use to plug in to a wall socket if you prefer that over using batteries. 
  • Plug and Play (no complicated setups)

This can store as much as the second hidden spy cam clock, but it also automatically records in night vision (black and white) when necessary.

The effective range is around 30 feet. Like the first two cameras, this is plug and play with no additional setups or accessories needed. I still recommend getting the first one with an upgraded SD card over this, mainly because of the price and I find night vision to be overrated in catching a cheating spouse. All that is really necessary is catching your spouse lying to you, and you don't need night vision for that. Also, if you've read some other articles, I always pick the cheapest, most effective option. This is not cheap at all, at least for me.

The only thing I would recommend that goes over $500 is either hire a private investigator, or the hidden spy cam mirror, because I just can't get over how clever an idea it is to install a spy cam to a mirror.

Update : This is $150 cheaper if you buy it directly here ($550 as of last update) : http://brickhousesecurity.com/hidden-clock-camera.html

Cam Desk Clock $89.95 (BrickhouseSecurity)

What's Included :
  • This comes bare bones, just the clock, USB, manual and software. Although you can use any type of micro SD card with it.
Another cheaper alternative to consider if you don't like the iShot. Cheapest and tiniest spy clock cam I could find.

I actually ordered this because it looked great on my husband's home office, but it really feels cheap. Light weight, and feels "breaky". You know what I mean. Another reason I bought it is because my husband has a lot of spare SD cards from all the spy gear we test.

It's a bit of a hassle to buy this because you're going to need an SD card to use it, and I can't recommend buying an SD card from BrickHouseSecurity. It's almost four times more expensive than from amazon. If you don't mind buying the click from Brickhouse, and an SD card from Amazon, then this is way cheaper than the iShot.

SD Card comparison BHS Vs Amazon :
Brick House Security doesn't have any single micro SD cards, they sell theirs in packs. Their cheapest 2 GB Micro SD Card comes with an SD card converter, which lets micro SD cards function like regular SD card via their converter/adapter. It costs $14.

You could buy 4 2GB micro SD cards from amazon $16, cause the cheapest 2GB micro SD cards they have cost $4

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