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Catch a Cheating Spouse with Keyloggers

Catch Your Spouse Cheating Online  With Keyloggers

My previous post how to catch a cheating spouse was a basic guide on how to hire a private investigator. This is a more active method, which will involve using keyloggers.

Most of you, myself included, would rather do all the spying and evidence collecting themselves for various reasons. Mine would be that I was a bit ashamed of sharing such private details about my cheating husband, even with a professional private investigator, I would prefer to catch my cheating husband on my own. I would rather gather everything myself and then hire an attorney. This is another method on how to catch a cheating spouse.

In this method we will use keyloggers, and other various programs. This will be a work in progress, so if you have any programs that you would like to share and think it will help out someone that is doubtful of their spouse's loyalty, please contact me at my email (catchacheateradmin @ gmail dot com). If you haven't already read the "How to catch a cheating husband - private investigator" page, I recommend you do, if you don't want to take part on gathering evidence yourself and would prefer a different method to catch your cheating spouse.

Here is one method that I have mentioned in several posts, such as "Signs of a cheating spouse". This method is the one I used first, even before spying on cellphones.

Please read the reminder above (on every page on this site). Before spying on your spouse, research your local state laws regarding the legality of monitoring an individual's conversations. Also read the disclaimers of the websites you buy from.

Tools to help catch a cheating spouse

First gadget we have to help catch a cheating spouse, which requires absolutely no computer know-how, is a keylogger. For those of you who are as technically illiterate as I am, this is THE perfect tool to help you spy on and catch your spouse cheating on the computer.

Basically it is a small piece of hardware that you attach to your computer, and it records all the keystrokes on its memory. It is undetectable. You just have to make sure that you attach the keylogger when no one is around the house.

The bigger the memory you buy, the more it will store, allowing you to leave it in for weeks on end. This will only work for desktop computers, as you need to attach this to where the keyboard attaches, and then attach the keyboard to your keylogger which will then spy on your cheating spouse's internet activity. You will be able to see not only where they go online, but you will also get your cheating spouse's passwords to all their websites, messengers, (secret) emails, etc. An essential when wanting to catch them in an affair.

Benefit of having this hardware keylogger is that it is undetectable even if you have virus scanners. To find it, your cheating spouse would have to look at the back of the computer, and then check the keyboard socket. Now, when have they, or anyone else in the house, ever done that?

This has worked for me, and even after divorcing my husband, it has proven to be useful in other things such as monitoring my kids' internet activities. They KNOW I know what they are doing, but they don't understand how their technically inept mom does it (cause they are lazy and would never clean their computers, which has the keylogger attached behind :) ). Every week or so, when I come to check on their rooms, I check the keylogger out and see their activities online.

Here is the Hardware Keylogger (USB version, if you don't know what USB means, read on) that I used which has a whopping 1 gigabyte storage, I also got it from the same site I buy books, Amazon, which is a well known site so you're sure that you won't get scammed either. An essential when it comes to gathering evidence while trying to prove or disprove an affair.

This type of keylogger is best used because of it's size and it's stealth. It's an inch and a half long, placed behind your computer AND can store 1 GIGABYTE (this is huge in case you did not know) worth of keystrokes. Which is plenty to get your cheating spouse's password, conversations, and anything else they hide from you. You can read their plans even before they go through with them AND you will have their passwords, that's the best part. Just avoid confronting the other person before sufficient evidence is acquired or you are ready to sue your cheating spouse and divorce them because s/he will most probably tell your spouse about it. But you won't really need to talk to the other person, you'll be able to see all their conversations through the key logs. Without them suspecting anything.

There is also a smaller sized cheaper keylogger, this will work just the same way as the 1 gigabyte one with the only difference being you will need to check up on it everyday or so and clear memory. Downside is you might go over the limit of the keylogger, and miss some of the details your cheating husband or wife is hiding. Anyway, the price goes down whenever the memory size goes down. The available sizes other than the 1 gigabyte one that I would recommend is the 4MB one (USB).   

Update December 2010: They discontinued the 4MB model. Check the other models recommended below, and sift through the related products for smaller versions (cause they're cheaper).

Be sure to pick the right one depending on what computer you have. I researched and it turns out my new PC (which my gamer son built for me) has a USB socket for the keyboard, so I got the 1 gigabyte one for this machine. For older PCs you will need a ps/2 socket. Don't buy the 2 gigabyte one, as that is a bit of an overkill. My ex cheating husband would fill up a 1 gigabyte one in about a week, which was more time than I could wait. I check on the keylogger every week, and 1 gig will definitely be perfect for that. 4MB one is good for a day or two at MAX. Also depends on how often your spouse uses the computer, it's up to you to decide.

Here are some quick links so you don't need to have trouble searching the site:

USB sockets:

1 gig keylogger USB socket - Click here to view image of how it should look like.

4MB keylogger USB Socket discountinued keylogger model.

Older keyboards, PS/2:

2MB keylogger PS/2 socket - Click here to view image of how it should look like.

1 gig keylogger

Again if you are unsure of what these do, they record EVERY keystroke made on your keyboard, and saves it on it's memory for you to view later on. Every single detail your cheating spouse tries to hide from you will be exposed. This is a sure fire way of catching a cheater, you will have all the evidence you need; this will either help you confirm your beliefs that your spouse is cheating on you, or will help you realize if you are just being paranoid for no reason at all.

In any case, you can also use it later on for other things such as to protect your kids by monitoring their internet activities, leaving someone in charge of your house while the computer is accessible, etc.

Please READ THIS before purchasing any of those keyloggers.

This hardware keylogger is not compatible with laptops. Your only choice for a laptop keylogger is a software based keylogger. Hardware based keyloggers do however work for any type of operating system (Windows, linux, etc), and has no need for software installations; some do have software installations, but it's usually for the device you are going to read the captured logs from.

Do you know what a USB or PS/2 socket is? I did not because as I said I am technically challenged, and had to research for a few hours before I understood. All you actually need to do, without all the computer talk, is turn your computer around and look at what the keyboard plugs into.

If it is round like this, you have a PS/2 socket.

How to catch a cheating husband - ps/2 Keylogger

If it is rectangular, you have a USB socket.

How to catch a cheating husband - USB Keylogger

Just remember to check which one you need before buying, I don't want you to be wasting your money or spending hours of research. But you probably are not as technically inept as I am. :)

To recap, the benefits of these hardware keyloggers are :

  • No installation needed for simple keystroke logging. (other than plugging in the back of the computer)
  • Can be used to find out every and all keystrokes done on the computer.
  • Can be used to get spouse's secret accounts.
  • Can be used to get passwords for those accounts.
  • Can be used to get your spouse's password on protected files or computer accounts.
  • Basically anything typed, you will see.
  • The more complex keyloggers allow taking of screenshots and "live viewing" from a remote computer.(see the updated software based keyloggers).
  • Hardware keyloggers are undetectable unless physically found

This will be updated as much as I can to help you find more ways and gadgets you can use to catch a cheating spouse.

I hope this has helped you, and please feel free to email me if you need additional help. You can contact Kris, Mike or Hana at catchacheateradmin at gmail.

Update 2010 : How to catch a cheating spouse using cellphone spies
Added a new article discussing cell phone spies, which is like a combination of GPS and keylogger that works on a cell phone. This article will help you pick a cell phone spy, and described the 3 basic types available to you.

Update January 2011 : Because of all the similar questions regarding cellphone spies and GPS trackers, I have made a follow up post to my guide on how to select a GPS/cellphone spy and actually recommend one product. Click on my mobile phone / Cellphone Spy article for the update.

Update May 2011 : If you are currently looking for a  free keylogger, read that post. I discuss why this is NOT the proper place to try and save money. Most so called free keyloggers or cell phone spies are designed to do nothing but spy on YOU, not the phone or computer you intend on monitoring. Don't get suckered into downloading any type of free software unless they are really popular (like mozilla.org's firefox browser, or google chrome).

I wrote that article because it's one of the most common questions I get "where can I download a free keylogger?", and the reply I always give, and will always give, is "I'm sorry I don't want to be responsible for you downloading a virus that steals your personal information". I'm not exaggerating, please read that article about software that claims to be "free".

Update Jun 2011
Added a new software keylogger for macs article. Also contains an alternative software keylogger for windows. 

Off topic Update 2011: After 3 years of maintaining this blog and testing products, I can safely say I, and my husband Mike, have become experts at spy tools. My hobby has become my passion, I love helping people with relationship problems because I can relate to them so much. Sorry for going off topic, but if you need someone to listen to or just read about your situation, you can email us or post on the cheat spouse stories page.

Disclaimer :
Please remember that monitoring a cellphone YOU DON'T OWN is illegal. So is attaching a GPS device on a car you don't own. Any kind of monitoring you do should be on a piece of equipment or property that YOU DO OWN. You are responsible for your own actions and the actions of the 


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just let the man cheat and divorce him? Obviously you aren't satisfying him, and why would he want to stick around?

Blogger said...

I did divorce him, but I wanted to make sure I sued his ass off before cutting him out of my life :)

Happy to say I left him almost broke, thanks for your concern.

Letting Go of Her Ghost said...

Fabulous. Wish I had the external recorder versus the software I used on a trial basis for a week. I was able to capture passwords though, which lead to the eventual evidence I needed to prove what my ex was up to.

Anonymous said...

What if he has a tracfone and I don't know the phone number or where it is? Can I still use a cellphone spie? Or what if the person he is having the affair with is the next door neighbor and I know her cellphone number? Can I use the cellphone spie on her phone?

Blogger said...

If you think he is having an affair with the neighbor, then you can easily watch him since the other person lives close by.

See the links on the post titled "Overview of Cellphone spies", there are also lots of comments there worth reading on what to do if your spouse's cellphone does not have a simcard.

I do not suggest trying to spy on some other person's cellphone, you can easily get sued since he/she isn't even your spouse. But if you had access to his/her phone, and it had a simcard, you could read the text messages, deleted or not.

Again I ADVISE YOU TO NOT spy on anyone else's cell phone, just a spouse who you suspect is cheating on you and has shown all the signs of a cheating spouse.

Consider installing a keylogger for your home computer, or a software keylogger for your spouse's laptop. Never spy on someone you do not have any relationship with, that is just asking to get sued.

Read up and check out the links in the post, be careful and good luck.

Anonymous said...

My husband uses a laptop so I cannot obviously attach a device. I tried to download the 7-day trial software but I couldn't get it to install. It asks for me to disable the spyware NORTON 360 before I can install. My husband monitors the security history and if he sees the record of having the spyware disabled, he will know that I did something. Is there another software that is undetectable and doesn't ask me to disable Norton?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,I have the same problem laptop.What did you find out.Do you need to be the administrator.

Blogger said...

Norton 360 is not spyware, that is anti spyware/virus software. You will need to let your anti virus/spyware/firewall disabled when installing it on your computer. Depending on what links you clicked on this site, there should be coresponding instructions on how to install your keylogger or spy software.

If you tell me your firewall or antivirus, I can help you disable it and teach you how to enable it again after installation.

Let me know how it works, and good luck in catching your cheating spouse.

Anonymous said...

all this spy vs spy stuff sounds very cool. until you find out that your husband is using these on you (you aren't cheating) and taking every single comment you make to anyone out of context. then putting a gps tracker on your vehicle. following you and having others follow you. becooming more and ore paranoid and violent bc he hadn't "caught you yet in the act" and finally attacks you. then after you split up and he gets visitation rights, he's switching these in and out of yor computer while you are out of the room getting your daughter's stuff ready and you can't figure out how he is still stalking you.

Blogger said...

If he does that and you give him no reason to suspect you are cheating, then he has other issues. Issues you can talk about, and since no one is cheating, being completely open with one another shouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Do the cell phone spy things that work on the SIM card work on tracfones with a SIM card too?

Blogger said...

Yes they do, anything with a sim is going to be read by a simreader(the spy hardware, with software included).

More costly than just software that you install on a smartphone, but also is more effective (can read even deleted messages).

Check out the cell phone spies overview before you purchase anything. Basically describes all 3 types that is readily available to you.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

I have a question, I believe my husband is hiding his cheating on his work laptop. How can I or could I install a key loger onto his work laptop without his work find out its there?

Blogger said...

As long as he doesn't see you installing a keylogger, then you're safe about him finding out. You'll be needing software keyloggers for laptops. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If my wife put that on my PC, and I wasn't having an affair, and I discovered it.

Then I would divorce her with a quickness.

And find someone else that isn't so doubting of trust.

Pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Says you. I found my now ex-boyfriend doing online chatting with one of his old flames and they were talking about how they would cheat behind my back.

So honestly, I'm glad I snooped on him. Otherwise I could still be with him while he's sexing this girl during his lunch breaks.

So maybe, if you find that stuff on your PC, you should have a sit down with your wife and see why she feels you're different from before. Because it's obvious she feels unloved or you're acting a bit strange. everyone is a little bit paranoid now and then, some of us are glad for it

Anonymous said...

Ok folks can someone please tell me what kind of keylogger will work on a MAC? I searched and they all say they are for PC's, not compatible with MAC. Also, where does one get a SIM card reader and how much do they cost? I think he's deleted all incriminating evidence off his phone but supposedly the SIM reader can still find it. I'm not a tech savy person so please explain this stuff to me like I'm stupid. Thanks in advance.

Blogger said...

I just posted a reply on the cellphone spy page. I'll make a new post on keyloggers for mac as well as simcard readers. Sorry, life is killing my free time!

Anonymous said...

I used a software called Perfect Keylogger and not only does it run behind the system, you would not know it was there. It is password protected and you have to hit the right keys to get the password prompt to come up. It takes screen shots of the computer so you can see what your "love" is looking at. This program is also held up in court. I know this because I suspected my husband of cheating and I keylogged his computer and found out not only was he cheating he was also looking at child porn. So there you go. For 35.00 you might save your children and others children from a pediphile. He is out on bond now and awaiting his trial. Gps his ride, keylog his computer, bug the home phone, and video your home when your not there. Its your right.

Anonymous said...

our keyboard is wireless does this make a difference in how i know which keylogger to buy

Blogger said...

Wireless keyboards are not a concern if you are getting software based keyloggers. If you want the hardware keylogger that you attach at the back of the computer, you need to check what port they use and if they can apply to wireless keyboards. It usually states that in the product page so check it out before you buy.

Anonymous said...

What if the keyboard is wireless???

Blogger said...

You can still use hardware keylogger, the wireless keyboard still attaches to the computer, it just has no wires. You can also try software keyloggers.


hey i am also 1 guyee

Blogger said...

Sorry Kundan, I'm not sure what you mean.

Anonymous said...

cheating boyfriend password copier, can this do that? I don't want ******** I want it revealing the hidden ******* so I can log in to his email

Blogger said...

Poster @5:30
What does ****** mean? If you mean the password field, then yes, you can view those.

Anonymous said...

What if you spouse locks the laptop after every use? can you still install these keyloggers on a password protected laptop?

Got no one who'll listen to your problems? Or we can email. I may not always be prompt but I ALWAYS reply. Shoot an email to Kris (catchacheateradmin at gmail dot com).

P.S. Commenting is the fastest way to get a reply from us, or other readers. Anonymous commenting is enabled.