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How to catch a cheating husband with Private Eyes

Guide on how to hire a private investigator

You've been married for a fair amount of time, you notice that your spouse is now less involved, more distant, or is starting to keep secrets. You have seen some of the signs of a cheating husband. You're unsure on what to do but you really want to catch your cheating spouse. If you haven't tried keyloggers or spy programs, that is also a viable alternative to hiring a private investigator to do your spying for you. I recommend private eyes as a last resort, unless you are rich, then I recommend them over everything else. Only real downside to P.I's is they cost a LOT of money.

Hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse for you is the right thing to do if you're busy with your own work, or taking care of your kids. You could most certainly do it all by yourself, using keyloggers and spy programs. It all really depends on you, and if you are comfortable with strangers handling such delicate matters. The benefit of hiring yourself a private investigator is you will get as much evidence as possible, video, audio, and anything from your computer(this you can do by yourself using keyloggers).

Don't forget that when you catch a cheating spouse, the topic of divorce comes up more often than not. I don't mean to sound negative but divorce often involves child custody, and division of assets. I'm sure you would not want your children ending up with someone that lied, betrayed, and cheated on their mother or father. Remember this when thinking about hiring a private investigator to catch your cheating husband or wife. If you are content with what your key loggers and spy programs have found and think a private investigator is unnecessary, then you can skip on and read other parts of this site, specifically "how to catch a cheating spouse using keyloggers". If you do however want to hire a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse for you, read on, and I hope I can help you with my advice.

When hiring a private investigator to carch your cheatin spouse, you'll obviously want someone proven. A private investigator with years of experience. You wouldn't want to hire someone that will just get caught and eventually alert your spouse to what is happening (you collecting evidence for divorce, if that is your plan). If until now you do not know if your spouse cheated, a private investigator will be able to confirm that for you, or dismiss the idea of infidelity by confirming every one of your spouse's excuses (working late, going out with friends, joined a gym, etc)

If you have enough evidence to prove in a court of law that you have a cheating spouse, then you would have the upper hand in gaining full custody of the children, your house, your possessions, alimony, etc. The custody over the children alone is enough reason for you to consider having a private investigator cover everything you haven't. Like videos of him from when he leaves the house up until he goes home. A mountain of evidence can be found from those, see an example of a group of private investigators hired to follow a suspected cheating husband. Check out this post and find out what happened to Sharon Bolton, a wife who suspected that her husband was cheating on her. Private investigators tracked down her husband, and found that he was cheating on her with the neighbor. Watch the video of a cheating husband caught found in this website.

How to hire a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse

Finding a private investigator where you live can easily be done by looking them up on the yellow pages or by googling "Private investigator (insert your location here)". Once you have found a website, you should now google "websitename reviews" or something similar for feedback.

You wouldn't want to waste your time and money on a private investigator that has no experience, or worse, has a lot of unresolved cases or complaints from previous employers. You want this whole thing to go smoothly, and you don't want your spouse finding out that they are being tailed.

Let's say I'm from Florida and I have decided that I need a private investigator to catch a cheating husband, I will now google "Private investigator florida".

Google now gives me a list of pages, with the top being most relevant and accurate. In this example, when you google "private investigator florida", the top of the search results page is fali.com

Now that you know there are private investigators at your area, you should now review their site by searching for terms like "fali.com review" or "fali.com cases" "fali.com scam". You want to find as much information on them as possible, good or bad. Here is an example of what I found from searching "fali.com review" :

Web safety ratings

Another thing to help you decide if it is a legit site or not is by getting their whois page. You can do this searching "fali.com whois", which brings us to the domain tools whois page. Click here to see the details.

You will see the contact details, the registrant, the administrative contact, etc. A fake site will have all this hidden, and the date the site was created will most likely be not more than a few months, or weeks even. In this case, fali.com looks as legit as can be, with a beginning date of 1998.

Another way, although not always available for all businesses, is to seach bbb.org. In this example, fali.com, is not registered with bbb.org. Not that big of a deal, since fali.com has been around for more than a decade. No spam/scam sites last more than a few months, so I can be sure that fali.com can be trusted and it is safe to hire a private investigator from them to help me catch my cheating spouse (or soon to be proven cheating spouse).

So once you are done reading their whole site, looking for reviews, checking their reputation, decide now whether or not to go ahead and hire a private investigator. If you have enough spare cash, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is about to or is thinking about getting a divorce.

You might also find it easier to ask people who have gone through all of this before to help you with details on where/who they hired to catch their cheating spouse. If you don't know anyone who can help you, try the above method in hiring someone to help you gather evidence and catch you cheating spouse.

What you are looking for is someone who is PROFESSIONAL. Not just some guy who bought a video cam and is willing to tail and stalk your spouse. You want a professional licensed private investigator, not a vigilante type person who wants to stalk your cheating spouse for you. This individual should provide you with a guarantee of secrecy, and daily reports of everything that he has found/heard/recorded. You should discuss how far you would like things to go, and you should ultimately have full control on what will happen.

If you yourself have gathered enough evidence, already caught your cheating spouse, and can't find any more evidence/a good private investigator, it would do you good to seek advice from an attorney, or ask them for recommendations on private investigators.

The reason why I recommend you to NOT confront your cheating spouse before you have enough evidence is because you might not even have the chance of gathering evidence once you let your husband or wife know that you know what is going on. Having a good long civilized talk with your cheating spouse might reduce your chances of getting evidence for several reasons. They might deny it all in court, and if you have no evidence, you risk losing custody over the children. They might turn it around, and blame you. Anything can change, so why not get the upper hand? Consider everything you wouldn't normally, cause once a cheating spouse gets caught, they become a different person. If they have a history of being violent, try not to confront them alone. Think of a dog that is cornered, it will do anything to protect itself.

If you have had any experiences with private investigators, please share your experience on the comments form or at the private investigator reviews page

Good luck,

Update 2010: You might also be interested in my post on how to catch a cheating spouse using keyloggers.

Update 2011: I've added a new mobile phone spy software to the methods we can use to catch a cheating spouse.

Disclaimer :
Please remember that monitoring a cellphone YOU DON'T OWN is illegal. So is attaching a GPS device on a car you don't own. Any kind of monitoring you do should be on a piece of equipment or property that YOU DO OWN. You are responsible for your own actions and the actions of the people you hire (private investigators).


Anonymous said...

My god private investigators are so expensive.

I think I shall go through the hassle myself by installing keyloggers.

I shouldn't even be wasting time on this if it weren't for all the lies.

Anonymous said...

I spent almost $1 canadian but it was worth it

Blogger said...

$1? I'm assuming that's $1k

Glad you solved your infidelity problems.

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