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Confession of a cheating husband

This was very unexpected and I did not know how to respond. So its post date is a bit delayed. A cheating husband who actually emailed me.

Very unexpected.

Update 2011: Please use the cheating spouse stories page to share your experience instead of emailing me directly. I will still reply to emails, but it takes a lot longer than if you leave a comment.

from Andrew ***** <*****@yahoo.com>
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date Thu, Jan 5, 2009 at 9:52 PM
subject My confession
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I'm a compulsive liar.

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm too far in to just openly confess to my wife that I have been cheating on her. I'm afraid it is too late to come clean and she will leave me. We don't have kids yet. I still love my wife. We've been married for 3 years. I wasn't always like this. The thought of another woman just drives me crazy now. I don't know when it started, it just is like this right now, and has been for the past year or so. I finally gave in to my urges. My wife is still very attractive, she gets hit on by guys younger than her sometimes. I don't know why I started cheating. I started cheating on her by first joining adult websites and started flirting with other single women, sometimes I pretended to be single, sometimes I openly admitted I was married. I found it more of a turn on when I openly admitted my wife was not home and I have been married for 3 years. The affair has been going on for 2 months, we have had intercourse several times. It's getting worse as the girl I met from *******.com seems to have the same fetish/problem I have, she wants me to take her to our house and have intercourse in our bed. We have only been to motels together.

I am almost certain that my wife knows about this or suspects something is wrong as I have been cold for the past couple of months, I don't know what to do. I tried different things in the bedroom and spending more time with her, but I just don't feel anything for her anymore. I'm ashamed to admit that I even read your signs to find out if your husband is cheating just so I could do the opposite and AVOID her finding out. I just wanted to share this with you even if you classify people like me as "cheating bastards", any advice you can give me I will try to put in action. Found you through the chat cheaters forum and your posts made me feel terribly guilty, as if I wasn't already.


It's simple, STOP cheating on your wife, tell her openly if you want to continue with your relationship. If you don't want to continue your relationship, tell her that too. Be civil about it and don't wait for her to catch you cheating.

Cheating husbands, no matter why or how they started cheating, need to tell their wives. Judging from your email, you don't want to continue your relationship with her anymore. Stop wasting her time and tell her that you're cheating on her. At least let her get on with her life and find a relationship that she can be happy in.

I'm not sure if this email is to provoke me or annoy me but I decided to post it anyway. Sorry if you are being sincere but I just hate cheating spouses.

If you love your wife, and you want to stop being a cheat, tell her openly and ask her to forgive you. See a marriage councilor. You may have some sort of fetish that makes you lose control and cheat on your wife.

Because of this, I'm actually going to research on marriage councilors, so whether or not this email was just to annoy me, it also gave me some ideas.

Go tell her everything. Right now. Skip work tomorrow if you have to. Go tell your wife everything right now before she actually starts thinking of ways to catch a cheating spouse. If she loves you, she will always forgive you, although the trust won't come back instantly, it will in time.

I don't consider EVERY husband that cheats a cheating bastard. Some cheating spouses actually want to change, and cheat because of some sort of psychological disorder they have.

Read Cheating Husband - Hope to cope so you know what to expect once you tell your wife that you WERE a cheating husband.

Good luck and TELL YOUR WIFE,


Andrew said...

Telling her is not an option, that will result in an almost certain break up. Even if I don't feel sexually attracted to her I think I still love her. Councilors are a waste of money. They will just tell me what I already know. Letting someone else know beside the person I'm cheating with makes me feel a whole lot better. And ofcourse I do want to change it's just hard for me to do right now.

Do you have AIM, Yahoo, or MSN I can talk to you more?

Blogger said...

Sorry just approved that now, I've been busy.

How would you know if councilors are a waste of money, have you ever been to one? Sometimes telling you "what you already know" is just what you need. To sort out your priorities.

I don't give out my messengers and prefer to do it by email.


Anonymous said...

Fix yourself for the sake of your wife you bastard!

Anonymous said...

You are such a selfish Bastard. For God's sake tell her and let her get on with her life. Have you not ever thought about the danger you are putting her in? You could easily be putting her at risk of catching an STD.

I just found out that my husband of 2 yrs. has been cheating on me for most of that time off and on with the same woman. I have told him if he wasn't happy to tell me but to never lie on me or cheat on me. After I found out he wants to work things out, Excuse the hell out of me but I am not the one in the wrong, I was not the one screwing around.

Got no one who'll listen to your problems? Or we can email. I may not always be prompt but I ALWAYS reply. Shoot an email to Kris (catchacheateradmin at gmail dot com).

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