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Software Keyloggers For Macs And Windows

In the original keylogger article, we only talked about hardware keyloggers for the PC, I've done some updating on the old article to keep the information fresh, bought a new keylogger and did some research on mac compatible keyloggers. If you haven't already done so, check out the first article catch a cheating spouse with keyloggers.

Like the cell phone spies comparison, I've chosen a cheap simple keylogger VS a complex pc/mac monitoring software, so you can decide which one you want.

The reasons I chose the first one is because of the price (one time fee = unbeatable price in my opinion), and it has everything you need to catch a cheater on the computer.

I chose the second keylogger to give you more options; I honestly find the "live monitoring" of a mac or pc to be too much and detrimental to your goal of catching a cheating spouse. It will drive you insane and may cause you to spend all your time watching the laptop live. The added features also drive the price up, and I dislike subscription based products.

I only bought the first keylogger, because it was cheap and I can use it on my kid's laptops. I did buy the second one after demo testing it but returned it after (the demo is very limited). Keylogger 2 had too many features I did not need plus it's subscription based. You can find the demos for keylogger 1 and 2 below (windows only).

Keylogger 1 "Perfect Keylogger" (for Macs and PCs)

Perfect Keylogger by Blazing Tools costs $34.95 for the basic keylogger, $44.95 for the basic keylogger with added password recording.

Links :
Product Page (mac)
Product Page (windows)
Purchase (mac)
Purchase (windows) 
Trial Version (windows direct download link). Unfortunately they don't offer trials for macs.
Contact their support for inquiries, there's a link on every page to send them an email.

The filename of the keylogger trial download for windows should be i_bpk2007.exe. Here's a screenshot of the virus scan I did on the trial version for windows :

And here's a link to a list of multiple virus scans on the same file, it's clean except for one scanner that detected the file to be "damaged".

Features of the "Perfect Keylogger"

CHEAP - The best feature, it's a one time payment fee software. Although they charge extra for password recording, it's still worth it considering it's competition is charging you $10 or so per month. When I buy something, I want to own it, not rent it; I dislike any subscription based gadgets.

Records Keystrokes - Records all keystrokes, even on websites that are password protected (email contents, hidden facebook or myspace pages, or personal chat rooms).

Undetectable - Typical virus scanners and anti spamware won't detect "Perfect keylogger" once you've installed it on your mac or pc.

Keyword Email Alerts - One of the advantages software keyloggers have over the hardware based ones are features like this. In the settings page, you can input several keywords to monitor. When the spy software detects anything on your list, it sends you an email. Perfect if you know or suspect your spouse is cheating with someone named "Jenny", you can have an email sent to you when that name is typed. Take a look at the example screenshot.

Simple To Use - No tech skills required to use or install. They do offer a "quick install builder" for an additional $10, but don't fall for it. Save your $10, instead spend an extra ten minutes to read through the settings, it's quite intuitive and easy to setup. You could also spend the extra $10 on the password recording feature.

Lifetime Support - If for some reason it doesn't work for you, you can email or call tech support for free help, or you could refund if it's within their 100% money back guarantee period (60 days).

Lifetime Updates - This is another reason why you should buy the "Perfect Keylogger", for a one time fee you get unlimited updates. That means if an anti virus or anti spyware software installed on the computer patches their software to detect this keylogger, Blazing Tools will eventually release a patch of their own to keep the keylogger undetected and fully functioning.

Task Manager Invisible (windows) - When you press CTRL + ALT + Delete on your windows pc, it brings up a menu which lets you access the task manager. The task manager displays all the programs currently running on your computer (explorer.exe, YahooMessenger.exe, Firefox.exe, etc). The perfect keylogger is not detected and remains invisible.

Password Capture - Optional (an added $10) password recording for all applications. This is the only downside of the product for me. They should have just changed the price to $44.95, cause this is a feature most people need. For the windows version, this comes in with the standard $34.95 version.

Chat Logging - Log all chat sessions on iChat, Adium, Skype, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Facebook, Adium, and other popular messengers or websites. Keylogging of chat sessions are for both people in the conversation, not just what is being typed on your computer like most hardware keyloggers do.

Web Logging - Logs all websites visited on mac browsers (Safari, Opera, and Firefox)

Screen Capture - Ability to set the keylogger to take screenshots using the target feature.

Snapshot Capture - Like the screen capture, you can set your iSight camera to take snapshots of YOUR ROOM (and the person using the mac) while you aren't there.

Remote Monitoring - Let the software email you the reports, screenshots/websites included. You can check the results from anywhere you can access an email (iPhone/Windows PC). Another added bonus is compatibility with iDisk and FTP (for website owners).

Multiple installs - You can install the keylogger on each account on your mac.
Multiple Language Support - English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Etc.

Perfect Keylogger System Requirements :

Mac OS X 10.4.x, 10.5.x or 10.6.x (10.5.x or later recommended)

Works on any Mac (iMac, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Pro, Mac mini) produced since Jan 2006. Also compatible with older Power PC Macs with Mac OS X 10.4.x and 10.5.x.

Windows 2000 or later, Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.

Internet connection is required for both Macs and PCs if you are going to use the email alert or online storage features.

Keylogger 2 "Sniper Spy" (for Macs and PCs)

SniperSpy costs $39.97 quarterly, $59.97 semi-anually, and $79.97 anually.

Why does it cost a subscription? Because unlike perfect keylogger which stores your files locally or emails your reports, sniper spy stores all the data on their servers, and it gives you more complex features like remotely controlling the computer or laptop your installed the software on.

Product Page (mac)
Product Page (windows)
Purchase quarterly (mac)
Purchase quarterly (windows)
The demo is available online, just view the windows product page and click on "Online Demo". This will take you to the backend of the software. They are similar for both windows and macs.

Features of "Sniper Spy"

Basically, this is "Perfect Keylogger" on steroids. Most of the added features are remote monitoring features, and remote access capabilities.

Backend View of Sniper Spy

Location Tracking - This feature is like having a GPS device installed in your computer. It records the IP address of the Mac or PC that is being tracked to determine it's location and shows you the coordinates on Google Maps.

Click to enlarge
Live Screen View - Provided the target mac or pc is actively being used on the internet, you can view their screen just how they are seeing it. This include live keystroke tracking, live chat tracking, and viewing access to what programs they are currently running. This is the only feature that justifies the subscription fee they offer. If you don't need live monitoring of your spouse's computer or laptop, skip this and get the first keylogger.

Browse and Download Files Remotely - Like the live screen view, you can access the computer's folders and view the files from anywhere. This is another overkill feature in my opinion. If you feel that you need to stealthily access their hard drive and download files from their laptop to your computer, this should help. But you wouldn't really need this when catching a cheating spouse, all you need is to find out if they are having an affair online so you can confront them about it.

Remote Control, Literally - This is not something you want to do. Like I've said repeatedly on this site, you want your spouse to not know you are on to the affair so they won't get better at keeping secrets.

The "remote control" features of this keylogger are more suited if you are monitoring a child surfing the internet, and employee, or a relative surfing things you do not approve of on your mac/computer. Another reason that justifies the subscription cost, SniperSpy gives you the capability to :
  • Start applications, undetected.
  • Forcibly log a user out and take them back to the login screen.
  • Shut down or restart your mac or pc.
  • And my favorite, for monitoring kids, the ability to send them a warning (see pic below)
Click to Enlarge

Those are the only differences between keylogger 1 and keylogger 2. Another pro for Sniper Spy is that they have a customer support hotline you can call : 1-888-475-5345. You most likely won't need it though since the instructions and on site guides, for both keyloggers 1 and 2, are easy to follow.

Sniper Spy Keylogger  System Requirements :

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
An internet connection of at least 56k speed.

What keylogger should you buy?

For windows desktop users, get the hardware keylogger found on the original article. Why? It's a cheap piece of equipment that does everything we want, help us find out if our spouses are having an affair. A cheap keylogger is anywhere between $10-50 depending on the memory size.

For windows and mac laptop users, I recommend the first keylogger, perfect keylogger, because it's cheap, and does the job well. No need to go James Bond with Keylogger 2, remember the goal is just to find out about the affair so we can prevent it from getting worse. Not be obsessed and monitor our spouse's live 24/7.

More ways to catch a cheating spouse can be found at the guide. If you are planning on just downloading some random software you found while searching for "free keyloggers", you might want to read this article first : "Free" Keyloggers and Cell phone Spies

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