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Freeware Keyloggers And Cellphone Spies - Stay Far Far Away

Why you should never use free keyloggers and free cell phone spies

If you've read the catch a cheating spouse guide, you'll know that we promote the cheaper alternatives over the professional private investigators, and even list possible free alternatives to the paid methods of catching a cheater. I'm all for saving money but -and this is a very important but- not when you are risking your private personal information.

Did you know most of these so called "free keyloggers" are actually trojans/viruses designed to steal your private information and passwords? Same for mobile phone "free software". Everything nowadays is digital, so it's not uncommon for people to do their banking online. Which makes them targets for unethical hackers (yes, there are ethical hackers). Any software that promises you something that seems too good to be true, and it costs NOTHING, is more often than not a scam.

Sure you can get it for free and test it, then remove it when it doesn't work, but is it really off of your system for good or do you now have a virus installed? This is what happens to hundreds of thousands of people who rely on dodgy freeware instead of paying for their softwares. Instead of being able to monitor your own computer at home and protecting your kids / catching a cheater, you get your computer infected by a trojan virus and risk losing thousands of dollars because you wanted to save on spending $30-60 for a reliable software backed by an actual business.

Here's an example where a free software steals your private information and emails it to the creator of the malware you just installed :

" I noticed that every time a user adds their account to the program to back up their data, it sends and email with their username and password to his(malware creator's) personal email box! Having just entered my own information I became concerned." View the whole post
In the above example, the software being downloaded was not even a keylogger or cellphone spy, it was a program that helped you create local offline gmail archives. The person downloading it was a CODER, and even he didn't know that it was malware until it was too late.

Now think about what you are doing, you want to save a couple of bucks and get a free mobile spy or keylogger. If you take a look at the above, a program that has nothing to do with keyloggers, stole this person's usernames and passwords, how much worse could this be if you downloaded an actual keylogger that was designed to record your computer's activity? Not only will your usernames and passwords be recorded, but everything you type on the computer will be recorded and sent. The worst part is, you will be ignoring the alerts of any type of anti virus programs you have on because you'll be thinking "hey, this is a program that I installed, so this must be a fake signal".

I am not bashing on freeware at all, I'm just saying that when it comes to things that are as important as monitoring your computer's activity, I would rather buy from a reputable site. If I get infected, I have an email or contact number to use. If my personal information gets stolen, there's an actual company that you can contact (or sue). If you use freeware from one of the anonymous people who submit them, you may end up losing your bank account password or paypal information.

It's like picking a voodoo witch doctor, over an actual doctor who graduated from medical school. Yes, it's that severe if you do any type of online shopping or banking.

Still looking for a freeware keylogger? You know the risks. I would only ever download freeware on a computer that is totally empty, and never gets used for online banking, shopping, paypal, ebay or anything connected to my hard earned real life cash. $30-60 vs your personal information being stolen. It's your choice, I'm just trying to persuade you that the risk is far greater than the reward.

If you've already made up your mind and I can't convince you to NOT download free software spies, then why not try this mobile phone spy, which has a 2 month trial (with a 100% money back guarantee). Even if you have no reason to spend money on it, you will have the full product for free for the next 59 days until you decide to cancel and return it. (I will update this post when I find a similar keylogger software that has a fully functional free trial)

Products that are sold are far safer because you are dealing with an actual merchant. A merchant who has to register a business, get a merchant account at paypal or other payment processors, and verify their existence. Online merchants have to jump through a lot of hoops just to get to sell their products, and if they sell you viruses, they get sued and lose millions. Wouldn't you rather try their fully functional demo than download a "free" software spy from an anonymous/faceless coder that could potentially get your PC or Mac hacked?

If you want to save money, keyloggers, celphone spies, gps devices, and other types of software spies are NOT the place to skimp on. The best place you can save cash on is information, such as the information we provide here, for free. Compare the cheating spouse guide linked above to any kind of ebook you can get, and you'll see we have better information(that constantly changes) than any ebook, and our price is unbeatable :-)

Just out of curiosity though, I bought a "catch a cheating spouse guide! guaranteed" ebook for $50 dollars, and another ebook "Learn the truth! Find out whether or not your spouse is cheating on you!" for $30. What did I find in it? The same things we teach you here, but they don't talk about nearly as much about the things we teach here, and we do it for FREE, not for $50 a book. Why do we have more info? Because after 3 years of being online, dozens of readers have shared their own methods and opinions on everything, causing our content to evolve every few months. We are very grateful to those that email us their stories and how they've dealt with their problems.

How did we find out about these ebooks? Because they regularly add spam to our comments, and hey, if they work that hard, might as well give them a shot right? Not really, I just wanted to see if I should approve their comments or not. If the books they sold actually offered value to readers here, I wouldn't keep them locked up in the spam prison blogger.com has banished them too.

If you want to save money, this is the place to do it. You don't need an ebook that costs $50 to catch a cheating spouse, you can just use our free cheating spouse guide. If there are things we missed on how to catch someone cheating, guess what, when a reader emails or comments about it, we add the new methods (or try the product ourselves before considering it). The only time I consider getting an ebook is when it's written by an actual known person in the fields I'm interested in, or something I know there won't be any other places to get it from (recipe ebooks, I always buy those without question).

Another thing an ebook will never give you is the ability to vent your frustrations to like minded people who understand you. I know, we take a while to answer emails, but we've recently started a Surviving Infidelity Forums so people can give each other advice.There's still also the cheating spouse stories page for those that want to leave their experiences for others to learn from.

So if you want to save, save on informational products like guides to catch your spouse cheating. Do not try and save a few bucks on keyloggers or anything that could potentially be dangerous. Please think very long and hard before you buy any software designed to monitor your computer or cell phone, and be very skeptical when the software is "free".

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