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Is your car being tracked by GPS?

In the previous article, GPS car tracking, I listed all the benefits of having GPS car tracking on your suspected cheating husband or wife's car. This article will teach you how to detect if you are the one being tracked by GPS. This article is especially useful if your cheating spouse is tech savy and may somehow be on to you and your detective work.

Some cheating husbands or cheating wives might actually put a GPS tracking device on your car, cellphone, or bag to know where you are so he or she can freely go with their new partners without being detected. Some cars may already have GPS installed for security reasons, such as car theft, so it will be useful to know how to detect and disable someone from tracking where you are.

How do I detect GPS tracking devices?

Take it to a mechanic for a full inspection. Allow the mechanic to check inside the car also, common places a GPS tracker is hidden at is under the dashboard of the car, somewhere inside the glove compartment, and under the chairs.

Another method, if taking the car to a mechanic is not an option and if you are trying to detect a portable GPS device, is to purchase an RF detector. An RF detector is used to detect the GPS devices when they are transmitting the location to the tracker. So your only problem is that you will have to check/scan for the GPS tracker for long periods of time, sometimes multiple checking is required because it may not be always transmitting. But it's a sure way of detecting a GPS car tracker if your car has one.

There are also ways that involve signal jamming, but we won't get into that as it is illegal, especially if being misused. (Tracking your own car with GPS trackers is perfectly legal.)

Reminder :GPS devices that are LEGALLY placed on your transportation by the government should never be removed. If you are being tracked by the government either through your vehicle or a GPS attached to your body, you should never attempt to remove or jam the signal of that GPS device because it is ILLEGAL.


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How to detect when your car is lowjacked?

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