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Catch Cheating Spouse With Voice Recorder

Ever wanted to spy on your spouse's secret phone conversations? Buying a cheap (less than $80) digital voice recorder will solve your problems. These recorders are typically used by students to record their classes, or by journalists when conducting interviews. It's also similar to what private investigators install in your homes or cars, like what you see in the TV show cheaters.

Please remember before you start spying on your spouse with any type of tool, read the disclaimers on the websites that sell you the tools and follow that up with researching your local state laws regarding monitoring or recording conversations.

When looking for a voice recorder, make sure to find one with either an AVR(voice activated recording) function, or overly long recording time; the more expensive voice recorders, $100+, allow up to 500+ hours of recoding time. If you are on a budget, you definitely want the voice activated recorder.

Rather than just using a large storage voice recorder, you can use the voice activated recorder to record phone conversations that your spouse typically hides from you. There are of course large storage digital recorders that also have the AVR feature, and there are also voice activated phone recorders, designed specifically for phones. I have not found a voice activated phone recorder yet that was made to spy on phones, so I can't recommend anything; most of the dedicated phone recorders I've found require the user to either activate the record function, or alert them after a recording has been made.

Basically any phone with AVR feature should be your priority, I attached a link to a cheap voice recorder with AVR that only costs $30 and has 200 hours worth of recording time, and another voice recorder with double the amount of storage (also with AVR) for double the price just to give you some choices. I would go get the cheaper one unless your spouse goes away for more than a few days and you want to keep the spy tool in the car.

Important : If you choose to look for your own spy tools to record conversations, remember that there is a huge difference between digital voice recorders and digital voice PHONE recorders.

Why use a voice recorder over a voice PHONE recorder?

Because the voice PHONE recorders (as far as my research and amazon tells me), alert the phone user to the recordings, and require manual action before the device records anything.

While the voice recorder with AVR automatically records anything as long as it detects sound.

Think of it like hidden cameras that record everything(a normal voice recorder), VS hidden cameras that only record when it detects movement (a voice recorder with AVR) VS cameras that require the user to press the red record button (voice PHONE recorders).

Just to stress it even more, digital voice recorders are NOT the same as digital voice PHONE recorders.

Where Should I Hide My Voice Recorders?

Does your spouse work out of the house? The best place to hide it is under their car seat, or if you have one of those seat covers with pockets at the back, tape it there just a little bit under the pocket. make sure to hide it before they use the car for work, if you have a recorder with AVR then you have no worries about it running out of space.

According to private investigators, cheaters usually have their conversations while driving to work, and heading back home, if they aren't going to meet up with their spouses that day. If you can't hide this in their cars everyday, try to do so during the middle of the week, when they are less likely to cheat. If you bought something expensive, like a micro voice recorder, you could try and hide it in their briefcases or purses, but that's too risky in my opinion.

Does your spouse stay at home? Best places to catch a cheating housewife or husband at home is right beside the phone, computer (skype or other voip applications), or bed (if they choose mobile phones). Consider getting two cheap recorders instead of one expensive one so you can divide it and monitor the whole house.

If you have an extra car at home you should consider bugging that with your spy devices as well, you never know if your husband or wife really stays at home when you leave for work.

Do you suspect your spouse is having midnight phone calls? Best place to keep your spy tool is inside the bathroom. If you know where they are, maybe they lock up in the guest rooms, you could try hiding it there; but most signs of cheating point to the bathroom, because it's less suspicious to see a spouse coming out of the bathroom in the midnight over seeing them enter the room.

I don't think you need to worry about if your voice recorder is too far or not, because I read almost all the reviews before I buy anything online, as long as it's in the same room it will pickup the sound (I bought the cheaper one btw). Our rooms here are typically 20x15 feet, tested in the bedroom, works great, tested in the bathroom, works even better.

One of the reviewers(for the cheaper product), said that while recording a class in college the voice recorder even picked up the sound of the janitor's mop machine outside. Read more reviews here ($30 one) or here ($60 one). My one gripe about this is that the pop out USB button on mine after I dropped it stopped working, it became permanently exposed, which is a slight annoyance because I don't hide this device, I actually use it a lot to tape books for my kids to play when I'm not at home.

For more ways to catch a cheating spouse, take a look at the catch a cheating spouse guide we compiled. Click this link for a mobile phone spy guide


Anonymous said...

The best place to hide a recorder in a car is underneath the dashboard. Our van seat has some stupid upholstery and completely covers the chair.

End result is that the recording sounds fuzzy. With a little bit of duct tape I managed to hide it underneath just a little bit farther from the steering wheel.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that used a phone recorder to confirm that her husband was having an affair. It worked but not for long. The second tape ran out and made a click sound and her husband found it.

Blogger said...

Both the above are digital recorders, no tapes necessary.

Anonymous said...

My wife found a voice recorder and now she is upset, disappointed and angry. What can in this situation? Can someone comments....

Blogger said...

Explain why you don't trust her.

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