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Spy Tools As A Gift?

Innocent gift, or hidden camera?
Several emails have asked if they can give their boyfriends or girlfriends spy tools, that don't look like spy tools, as a gift so they can secretly monitor their activities. Although this would work, especially for long distance relationships, this is illegal. You will need to research your state, and their state laws to find out exactly what it says about monitoring private conversations and activities.

If your spouse has been looking for a reason to divorce you, or you are in the middle of a divorce already, this will give them an advantage in court. You CAN get sued by anyone you monitor without their consent. You can even get sued by employees that you monitor, even if you give them the cell phones, but don't tell them you are monitoring it.

Like I have posted all over the site (read the above header reminder), you should do your own research on your state laws, we will not give you legal advice. Also read the disclaimers on sites you buy your spy devices / spyware from.

How To Protect Yourself From Being Spied On :

There are several disguised objects that function as spy cams, or GPS trackers, if you suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend gave you one of these, just google the product name. In most cases, this will be completely obvious because the spy cam "gift" they will give you won't be wrapped in it's original packaging.

If you suspect your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or just someone you know is giving you spy cams or gps trackers as gifts, inspect the object they give you and look for either an SD card slot (the SD card should be in there), or a hidden USB port (used to attach to the laptop/pc for data retrieval).

General guideline you should follow when accepting suspicious gifts is that you should always ask the gift giver what the model is, and where's the original packaging. Ask for a manual or any documentation that came with the gadget. If they can't provide you with the packaging, or the model name, that should raise a red flag. If you google the model name and it looks nothing like your model, it might be a spy tool.

You can be sure it's a spy tool if the gift giver often checks back on the device, daily, weekly or monthly depending on the type of spy camera or GPS device. All they need to do is simply retrieve the SD card and they'll be able to view the hidden videos they caught through they spy tool. For GPS and Cell Phone spies, they don't even need to revisit the device to access the data. Most of the more advanced GPS and cell phone spies can access it remotely.

I've attached links at the bottom of this post for the most common items people could "gift" you to spy on your activities. 

Common things that are used as spy tools and disguised as everyday objects : 

See the post hidden spy cameras to catch cheating spouse, I will update it with relevant links to related products described below.

Clocks, both non-digital and digital, are used as hidden spy cameras. Some are even functional radio clocks that you would never suspect to be hidden cams.

Wrist watches are used as GPS trackers. Not much to worry about from the cheap made in china digital wrist watches, they are very obvious because of it's bulk. Good gift to monitor your child though. The slimmer ones are less obvious, but cost several hundreds of dollars. Most of them won't be used to spy on you, because they require activation, but there are some motion activated spy cams. They'll still have to retrieve it from you if they ever want to view the captured data. Not much of a threat.

Pens are used as GPS trackers. Slightly bulky, but still effective at location tracking. May not be obvious to some people who don't know GPS pens exist. Other pens are disguised as hidden cams, this isn't much of a threat as a gift because these usually require activation before any pictures are taken.

Fake TV or Computer Speakers can be hidden surveillance equipment. These are either used for capturing sound, video, or both. Most effective method of "gifting" you these speakers for your TV or Computer is by buying a real speaker system and adding this in the package. They may even offer to set it up for you. This is an obvious spy tool when inspected up close because most of the cheaper models do NOT EVEN FUNCTION as a speaker. Great as a means to protect and monitor on your home, very obvious when using it as a gift to spy on someone else.

Stuffed toys, the classic nanny cam approach, may also be used on toys or model figures. These "nanny cams" are usually motion activated, or heat sensing; meaning they only record video/audio when they detect movement or heat.

Collectible Soda Cans, most people enjoy collecting soda cans, and yes, these are used as hidden spy cameras as well. Unlikely to be given as a gift, but they might slip it in with your decorations/collections and it may go unnoticed.

Bird Feeders are used as spy cameras. Yup, even this sweet gift idea is being used to spy on people nowadays.

Crucifixes are used as hidden spy cams too. The non stationary / worn crucifixes are a form of active camera (needs activation before recording or taking snapshots).

Cell Phones, now these are tricky. They can come in the original packaging, but your spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend could have installed a mobile phone spy. If they installed spyware on the cell phone and it is similar to the spyware I linked, they will be undetected. The only way to completely avoid this is by having a technician reformat your software. (completely erase and reinstall).

Digital Picture Frames are commonly used as hidden cameras, expect this "gift" to not be in their original packaging.

Boombox spy cams, another spy tool that perfectly blends in any location of your home; these are not just spy cams in disguise, these could trick you into believing that it is the real thing, because most of the quality made boom box cams actually function as radios, mp3 players, and CD players. To know whether or not this is a spy tool, check for any hidden CD card slots, or USB ports.

Thermostats, these are amazingly clever covert spy cams, you would never suspect it! Think about it, what gadget in your room do you rarely pay much attention to? The thermostat! Would this be something a person would gift you to spy on you? I don't think so, because most of these spy cams are non functioning. It's a good way to install on your own home or apartment though.

Sprinkler spy cams, another great disguised hidden cam. These are just there, but you would never suspect it. Even though this is non-functional, no one would know that because who would actually test a sprinkler. Perfect nanny cam, and home protection. Would somebody gift this spy tool to you? Highly unlikely.

Fan cameras. These are like the boombox camera, the high quality models are fully functional, and perfectly disguised. Also like the boombox you will need to check it for USB ports and hidden SD card slots. May also come in forms of air filters or mini desk fans.

Plant Cameras. Another classic, I'm sure you've seen how these work on movies or TV shows. Wireless and wired are both available, but these aren't much of a threat because these cams are just fake plants. I think it's very suspicious when someone gives you a fake plant, and it's easy to spot too, just ruffle through the leaves and look for the lens.

Emergency Light and Desk Lamp Spy Cams. These table lamps and emergency lights are another type of fully functional device. Something to note about the emergency lights are that most emergency lights have rechargeable batteries, you should be suspicious if an emergency light requires a wall socket. You sould also inspect for USB ports and SD card slots.

Mirror spy cameras. Possibly the most ingenious spy tool invented that I know of, a mirror or vanity mirror designed to capture videos. Whoever thought of it is a real James Bond type person. You would never expect that a mirror would be recording your activities! The genius part would have to be that because it's a mirror, you know you'll always catch something on video. Definitely inspect any mirrors you are gifted and look for the common spy tool signs.

Custom Hidden Cameras allow you to fit the camera into whatever you choose. Items like stuffed toys, tissue boxes, cigar boxes, empty cereal boxes, etc. These are usually more expensive and can fit in the palm of your hand. Not much of a threat as a gift, but definitely watch for tiny holes (pinhole size) from the suspected spy tool gift. The camera lenses are that tiny.

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