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Bait Your Cheating Spouse

Another way to catch your spouse cheating is by baiting them into an affair. How does this work? We will do this on the internet, because a lot of cheaters start their affairs on the internet before actually meeting up, it's the world we live in now; even affairs are digital.

First you have to know which social site your spouse spends their time in, a social site is something like facebook, myspace, orkut, etc. Another way is by finding out which chatrooms they go to, or webcam chats, such as stickam, omegle, or chat roulette. The last 2, omegle or chat roulette, are more difficult to work with because it is random, so you can't bait your spouse unless you happen to meet each other, which is highly unlikely.

Once you know which social site they frequent, join that site and create a fake profile to bait your spouse with. Who better than you to create someone your spouse will be attracted to. Make sure not to overdo it though, don't use celebrity pictures, or pictures of famous people as your profile pic. Set your status as single, looking for *sex of your spouse*, then find them on their social site.

When you find them, send them a personal message, throw them a compliment (feed their ego) and tell them you are looking to make new friends and magically you are in a nearby area. If they are on chatrooms, join that chat room and start a conversation, ask to trade pictures then throw them a compliment or two and say you want to trade emails. This is one of the reasons this method works best, you can uncover their secret emails.

If your spouse is cheating on you, then you can expect a positive response to this. Start talking to them on a regular basis, ask them about their life and what they enjoy doing. Notice if they mention anything related to their family or spouse; if they do mention their family or spouse, ask them about their spouse (you). Try to start an emotional affair with your spouse and take it as far as you can go until they are actually willing to meetup with you.

Keep prodding about their spouse(you) and ask them if it's okay that you are talking with them, say things like "won't your spouse get mad that we talk alot?", "will your spouse get jealous if you tell him/her about me?", see how they react. A cheater will always keep it secret and respond with "she doesn't need to know" or "it's okay, no one's going to tell". you should take that as a hint to move on and slowly steer the conversations into something a little more sexual. This is when you will know that your spouse is a cheater.

Try and bait them into telling you about their cheating stories by making up your own story. If they are really cheating on you, they will have a lot to share, just make sure you don't make it sound like you regret it; make it seem like you loved cheating on your wife or husband, and imply that you are looking to do it again. This will cause the cheater to be interested in you even more.

Here's the turning point, you can either continue on with baiting stories out of them to collect evidence of infidelity, OR you can take it a step further by involving a friend. If you have a willing friend, it's best to start this whole baiting process with them, so they know the whole story of your fake persona. When it gets far enough that you are in an emotional affair with your spouse, ask them if they would be willing to have a phone conversation with you.

Now this is why we love this method best, it's a FREE way to catch your spouse cheating, you get your spouse to confess their cheating stories to you, AND if you're really lucky, like the secret emails you will have found out about their secret cell phones. A lot of people discover secret cell phones of their spouses this way.

Make your friend talk to them on the phone or cell phone a few times until they get comfortable enough that they initiate the sexual talk. If this is not proof enough that your husband or wife is cheating, ask your friend to request a meet up in a nearby hotel.

If they agree, go to that hotel yourself and do your confrontation there. This is also helpful if you have kids at home, they shouldn't be seeing their parents fight about an affair.


Anonymous said...

Sending fake texts to your spouse to catch them cheating also works well. I bought a cheap prepaid phone and started pretending a workmate gave me her number in a company outing. its been working like a charm, i am getting her to text me what she is wearing. if my wife was more observant she would know that she only gets texts when I am out of sight or in the office. she has no clue that i am going to bait her to lie to me. if i can do it anyman can. it might even be easier since if she would lie for a faceless guy who texts her then she might be willing to do more with one of her workmates.

good idea about tricking them into confessing their cheat stories

Blogger said...

That is also a good alternative, but this is supposed to be a FREE alternative. So I did not include buying a new cell phone just to bait. I can see how effective that would be, but there also runs the risk of them calling you.

If they call you, you'd have no choice but to pick up and reveal your identity, so over the internet is best unless you have a willing acquaintance to help with the voice calls.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Mind your own business you meddling no life slag

Anonymous said...

what a crock

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