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Catch A Cheat With Hidden Spy Cams

In the past articles we have discussed about using keyloggers, cellphone spies, and hiring a private investigator to catch your spouse cheating. Now we'll take a look at what hidden spy cameras can do to help us. For a compilation of ways to catch a cheater, click on the catch a cheating spouse guide.

There are different types of hidden spy cameras available. Some record 24/7 into a hard drive, so you don't miss anything. Some only record when it detects movement. Most of these can and should, if you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you, be installed by yourself. A hidden spy camera is small, and most of them can easily fit unnoticed in your bookshelf, or plants. I believe you've seen some hidden spy camera videos from "nanny cams" in movies where they hide them in stuffed bears.

Before you buy a hidden spy cam, you should make sure you know what you are getting. There are some surveillance camera equipment that can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, which have more features than you would ever need. Some features that are not really necessary in detecting a cheating partner are things like audio recording, night vision, or such things like heat sensors. Way too overkill, we are looking for something that would confirm or deny our beliefs that we have cheating spouses, not be a voyeur and watch the actual physical cheating.

Lets face it, if your wife takes a guy home without your knowledge of it, and she goes into a room with the guy where you have installed a hidden camera and turns off the light, you don't really need any heat sensors or night vision in your camera to tell that they are cheating. So unless you WANT to see your spouse actually CHEATING on you, I'd get the cheapest hidden spy camera available to you at any of your local electronics shop. If you'd rather not be seen buying things like that, look for a cheap one on amazon.

Be sure to read the requirements, you may try to save money by getting the cheapest one, but you may fail to read the requirements. Some people accidentally buy just the lense of the hidden camera, but not the actual camera or database to store the footage. Most digital cameras can be directly wired to a computer hard drive.

Things we should look for in purchasing security camera equipment are just the basics. Small, easily concealable, and preferably(might cost more depending where you are) one with motion detection. You can choose to get audio recorders with your security equipment, but do you really want to know what your spouse and the person he/she is cheating on you with are saying? If you do, then the motion sensor cameras should be what you should aim for as the hard drive your hidden cam will need will be a lot bigger if you want to record both video and audio.

Places to install your hidden spy cameras would be near a couch, any room that has a bed, the kitchen, and possibly the bathrooms. This is why it's important to get the cheapest hidden spy equipment you can get your hands on, because it would be unfortunate to catch them entering the door, but then having only one unit, you will not see what they do when they get passed your one camera.

What we need is proof that your spouse had an affair, if they can lie their way out of vague footage, it's best not to show them or tell them we caught them with someone because you can be sure they will never get caught again. And continue to deny any signs of cheating.

Also, if you don't want to buy your own video cameras to place around your house, most private investigators (in the US) can install their cameras for you. Be sure to compute the rates before deciding which one is better suited for you, because private investigators can be pricey, especially if you are hiring them to do home surveillance AND tail your cheating wife/husband.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you could also just "bug" your house with some audio surveillance/spy equipment. These are much cheaper, and I'm sure you'll know if your spouse is cheating on you or not by listening to their conversations, or whatever else they may do behind your back. The downside is, unless you know the person's voice your spouse is cheating on you with, you won't get an idea who they are or where they met unless your mate comes clean with you.

For those who can only spare a few bucks, the best option I can recommend is getting a cellphone spy that has GPS tracking.

Disclaimer :
Please remember that monitoring a cellphone YOU DON'T OWN is illegal. So is attaching a GPS device on a car you don't own. Any kind of monitoring you do should be on a piece of equipment or property that YOU DO OWN. You are responsible for your own actions and the actions of the people you hire (private investigators).


Anonymous said...

My husband is a cam voyeur and installed this on our house he says its' for protecting us but I know he just wants to spy

Anonymous said...

I caught my wife's betrayal on hidden camera. Can I use this in court? It's in my home that I own.

Blogger said...

Poster @ 12:40 :
Maybe he really does want to protect your house. I wouldn't call him a "cam voyeur" just for installing hidden cams, unless of course he installed spy cameras in the bathroom or somewhere else like that with malicious intent.

Poster @9:52 :
Like we've stated on the reminder above (on all pages of this site), we will not give you legal advice.

But it's not illegal to monitor your own (if you literally own it) house. Using it in court depends on your state laws, some require you to inform the person you monitored that there are hidden cameras installed in the house. Please find out, and try your best to use the hidden cam footage as evidence, especially if you have children.

Gaining custody from an abusive cheating spouse is your main goal.

Anonymous said...

How can I catch someone using Im messaging?

Blogger said...

You're looking for a cellphone spy.

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