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How To Cheat On Your Wife

No, this is not an April fools joke. This article will be about how to cheat on your wife. I'm writing this so wives can see the common ways a husband can cheat on their wives, and be able to catch them doing it. I don't promote cheating on your wife, this is purely to educate people on ways their husbands can cheat on them and how they cover their tracks! If you are easily offended, please don't read this guide.

My own husband helped me write this, his ex-wife used something similar to method 1.

How To Cheat On Your Wife

Cheat Method 1 : Dating sites

Join a dating site specifically for married people looking to have an affair. Such sites are ashleymadison.com, or marriedsecrets.com.(remember to delete you internet browsing history after surfing those sites). After joining, simply start looking for people you are interested in having an affair with; most of the members in these dating sites are other disloyal people such as yourself, or swingers.

How to avoid getting caught cheating :  Keyloggers are your downfall.

Unless your spouse is tech savvy, they most probably have the internet browsing history turned off or don't even know how to use it. If so, no problem; they won't be able to see you are visiting sites that promote cheating. If your wife is tech savvy, you'll have to clear the internet browsing history by going to your browser settings. Here's how to do that :

Firefox and internet explorer browsers will have their internet browsing history saved at the history page, accessible by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + H.

For Google Chrome browsers it's just CTRL + H.

Check the back of your computer, take a look at the socket where your keyboard is connected to. Is there anything suspicious looking? If there is, it is most probably a hardware based keylogger that your wife has installed because she's observed the typical signs of a cheating spouse from you.

If you are on a laptop, I can't give you an exact way to detect a keylogger because not all anti virus and malware detectors will pickup on custom made software keyloggers. You WILL get caught cheating if your spouse has installed one of these. To prevent any software based keyloggers from recording your conversations and logging your keystrokes, set up your computer or laptop to make sure that your account is the only administrator account. Meaning you need your account to be the only one that can directly install softwares. If your spouse wants to install anything, tell them you'll do it for them.

Also make sure to do the hardware sweep before you start using your home computer to access cheating related sites. Even if you find the hardware keylogger, the data has already been saved. If your wife finds her keylogger missing then it's obvious that you got rid of it to protect your affair.

Solution : Anti spyware software, check the back of your computer (before using it to cheat) for hardware keyloggers, delete internet browsing history, and make your account on the computer is the only one able to install any type of software.

Ugh, just typing that out made me shiver. But we move on to the next method these slimy cheaters use.

Cheat Method 2 : Facebook and other social sites

Create a new profile on facebook/myspace or any other social site that you prefer. List yourself as single and start looking for women to talk to. This is very common, and most older women have no problems chatting with guys online, or even meeting them. Make sure to keep your status as single. Any decent woman will not tolerate you hitting on them, or any kind of sexual talk if they know you are married.

How To Avoid Getting Caught : Don't Get Baited

Cheating on facebook isn't something your spouse will expect. Most wives won't find anything wrong with you browsing facebook, unless you are spending an exceptionally long time on there and they catch you PMing or chatting with women. Just avoid letting them see your facebook screen when they are in the room and everything should be fine, but if you suspect a keylogger than apply method 1's way to not get caught.

If you are sure that your wife is on to your affairs or disloyal behaviors on facebook, do NOT fall for the old baiting trick. If a somewhat attractive person sends you a personal message on facebook saying they are interested in you, ignore them. That is most likely your wife with her bait profile.  Another thing to watch out for is if your wife asked one of her friend's to bait you for her, this can lead as far as phone conversations and actual meetups. Except you won't see them in the hotel room, you'll see an angry wife.

Additional precautions should be taken if your wife knows your email and social site passwords. Create a new email account to use with the same facebook profile.

Solution : Always start the conversation unless you know the person you are talking to is a real person, and not a fake persona created by your wife or one of her friends. And use method 1's solution if you suspect keyloggers.

Cheat Method 3 : An Interested Co-worker Or Cheat Partner

If you already have a willing cheat partner in your office or someone you met online, you should only meet up with them during the middle of the week; save your sick days for this reason alone and be home ON TIME. Doing it on a typical weekend will give your spouse reason to worry, because the overtime excuse is lame and verifiable.

You could of course use the overtime excuse if you are getting a bonus for that month and your wife will never find out how you got that bonus. The paycheck never lies, so use this to your advantage.

How To Not Get Caught Cheating : GPS data, it never lies.

Come home on time! If your spouse already thinks you are cheating, coming home late will only make her more paranoid. Once your spouse suspects you enough that they are in the phase of just gathering proof to catch you cheating, they will start installing keyloggers on your computers, or GPS car trackers.

You will get caught if your spouse checks your car's mileage daily. To avoid getting caught if they record your mileage, leave your car parked at the office area. Find somewhere near that you can safely leave your car and then go on and commute or ask your new partner to pick you up.

Unfortunately for husbands who think they are being tracked with GPS, you will need to spend money on having a mechanic scan your car for the GPS device. You could also try yourself, but without their tools you won't find it easily. Places to check are inside the glovebox, somewhere taped underneath the dashboard, inside your car door, in the trunk, underneath the car itself or somewhere stuck in the aphulstery.

Solution : Get a mechanic to scan your car for GPS trackers, save your sick days for the middle of the week, park near your office and have your cheat partner pick you up, and don't use the overtime excuse without it reflecting on your paycheck.


Anonymous said...

It's not cheating if you are just getting what your wife can't give you. She is dried up and won't do anything in bed with me. She is 5 years older. I think maybe I should openly tell her that I want to have my fun, while I still can. Thoughts?

Mike said...

So if you were in the opposite side of the situation, you wouldn't consider it cheating if your wife is "getting what you can't give"?

Stupid logic

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I admit it's hard living in a sexless relationship. A lot of women stop having sex with their men because they can't stand them any more: they become disrespectful, arrogant, demanding, or out of shape and unclean. Who wants to have sex with that? A together guy with class will make sure that he makes the woman feel great and he will always get good lovin'!

FraserRD1 said...

If it's good enough for the goose, then it's good enough for the gander.

Anonymous said...

I do understand how you feel. I have a co-worker who would die for his wife and she has banished him from the bed and won't even hug him. I feel terrible for him and I feel he deserves physical affection, even if it's just the cuddle he craves so much. It's cruel to deny your mate that physical intimacy. Unfortunately in my co-workers case, he's sticking to his vows. That means he's sol.

M said...

It is not acceptable to "get what your spouse can't give you elsewhere" unless you have already discussed it with your spouse and they have agreed to let someone else take care of your needs. If you go behind their back to do it, things will not end well.

What I would recommend is being open and honest with your spouse, tell them your needs aren't being met, and ask them if you can work on it together, and short of that if it would be acceptable to bring in a third party. If your spouse refuses both of these options, end the relationship.

Blogger said...

I mostly agree with that. I would try a lot more to reach a compromise before ending the relationship.

I know quite a few people who do this in real life- and they live very happily and "normal".

It's much better having an unconventional relationship than to force yourself to be miserable and live with someone for the rest of your life, or worse, lie to their faces and have a relationship/sex on the side.

Got no one who'll listen to your problems? Or we can email. I may not always be prompt but I ALWAYS reply. Shoot an email to Kris (catchacheateradmin at gmail dot com).

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