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Track Spouse's Internet Browsing History

This is a free alternative to catching your spouse using keyloggers, this method is not effective against tech savvy spouses who know how to cover their tracks online.

Steps to tracking your spouse's internet browsing history :

Since there are so many browsers, we will only work with the most popular browser, firefox. This can work for either Windows or Macintosh, and can be freely downloaded.

Step 1 : Check Your Browser
Browser history disabled.

Check whether or not your internet browser allows storing browser history. You can do this by pressing CTRL + H on firefox. This is why it is not very effective against tech savvy cheating spouses because anyone can just go into the settings and disable the internet browsing function. An even sneakier way to avoid detection is by just selecting the sites your spouse doesn't want you to see and manually right clicking and deleting them from the history.

A blank screen (shown in the picture) means that your internet browser currently clears the history, or your spouse deleted it. Note: I forgot to add "and urls" in the picture text, it should be "it means your browser does not store pictures or URLS"

Step 2 : Enabling Internet History Logging

To enable history logging, select the "Tools ---> Options ---> Privacy". See the screenshot for more details.

The first blue box is what you want to check, and the bottom second blue box is what you want to uncheck. Doing this will allow you to check your spouse's internet activities. Cheating spouses usually go to facebook, or access their secret email accounts to talk to the people they are cheating with. You might want to watch out for secret facebook pages as well.

Step 3 : Confirm that your browser is logging the sites you visit

The screenshot below is with my firefox browser recording my internet browsing history. I have blacked out my personal email (you can contact me through catch a cheater admin at gmail if you need to).

As a sample, I typed in "random porn site" just to demonstrate that the browser records EVERYTHING. From searches done on google, to the email addresses used by your spouse that you may not know of. You can confirm that your browser is tracking your internet history by pressing CTRL+H again, or looking at the links you've visited. If you've followed the steps properly, all links you've visited will be a different color (like on our site, unvisited links are blue, visited links turn black).

Red boxes are my email, and a random search I did on google

Blue boxes are the settings that you want to have enabled on your own firefox browser to have it record your spouse on the internet. Great alternative to hardware or software keyloggers if you were thinking of getting one.

I'd like to caution you against downloading any of the "free keyloggers" because of the high risk it poses to your computer, and your bank account. Identity and password theft is common amongst people who download malicious software disguised as free keyloggers.

How To Use This To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

1. You can use this trick to know if your husband or wife has any hidden yahoo, gmail, or hotmail email accounts they are keeping from you. If you know your husband or wife's passwords, then it could probably work on their secret hidden email accounts as well.

2. Find sites in your internet browser history that support cheaters, or promotes cheating on your spouse. These sites are REAL, I am not kidding one bit. If you would like to see a site that makes a living off of spouse's cheating on their spouses, manually type "ashleymadison.com" on your browser. It is very disgusting and disturbing that people actually join that site.

3. Find out if your husband or wife is secretly visiting adult video sites. Not that it's wrong for them to be viewing any adult videos, but if they are hiding it from you this may be a problem. Watching adult videos can and does turn into seeking out "live" versions, and in this day and age there are adult cam sites that they can visit.

4. Look for Omegle, Chatroulette, or Stickam type of sites.These aren't necessarily signs of a cheating spouse, but if they are hiding this from you, you should worry. If you don't know why, these typical random anonymous webcam sites (omegle and chatroulette) are often used for cyber sex, while stickam is not really as bad as the former, it also has a lot of cyber sex in the private rooms.
5. Look for facebook profiles that aren't of your spouse. They could be creating alternate profiles that they use on facebook, myspace, or other social sites to find people to cheat with.

What if my spouse has a secret email or facebook account?

If you luck out and catch your spouse's secret email or social networking site, I suggest you NOT confront them about it. Play dumb, act like everything is fine, and you are clueless. This is the perfect time for you to Bait Your Cheating Spouse

See more ways to track a cheating spouse, read our catch a cheating spouse guide linked on the sidebar.

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