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Gay Couple : Cheating Spouse

Reader Email :
I have read your site about cheating husbands, and I think I may have
a problem with my own husband. We are in a same sex marriage,
and I think that my husband is secretly straight, or at least is turning
straight again. The other day he and his best friend (a girl) went out
shopping, how stereotypical right? I know. They cam back almost
midnight and I asked him why he was not responding to my text msgs.

He got angry and told me I was too possessive of him, and I did not
own him. I told him we are married and he said : "so what? I was
with M****". I aksed him what he was doing and he said they went
shopping, then went out to see her new apartment.

Normally this would not make me jealous, because he IS afterall gay.
But I've noticed them growing closer and closer together. M****
always looks at him like she wants to rip his shirt off. I've known for
yeaaaars that this ***** has a crush on my husband, but I tolerate
her presence because they've known each other since grade school
and he came out the closet and she stood by him. I think they may
have gone to prom night together.

What do you suggest I do? I've been noticing them more and more
together and suspect my gay husband is no longer gay.


B, I do not really know what the difference is when trying to catch a cheating spouse, gay or straight. Our catch a cheating spouse guide should help you no matter if you are gay or straight.

Here's a simple solution (based on the info you gave), why not volunteer to accompany BOTH of them while they go out for shopping trips? If they are that close together, you will eventually want to become her friend anyway.

This is like a straight guy going out with his wife, and a girlfriend of his wife. There's nothing wrong with that and you should never feel like you are the third wheel, since you are his spouse.

If you suspect lying, then I would consider installing a GPS car tracker on a car you own that he uses, so at least  you know whether or not they are really going shopping, if for some reason you can't accompany them.

I'm also wondering, have you tried talking to the girl? It seems like you are bitter/don't like her. Why do you call her a b****? There's too many unknowns for me to give anything else other than point you to the cheating spouse guide.

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