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Reverse Image Tracking

So you opened your spouse's email, and found several pictures of an unknown girl/guy. You want to know who this person is and is this person cheating with your spouse. You don't have the cash to spare for a private investigator, cellphone spies, or keyloggers, so you try to look up pictures of the same person on your spouse's facebook/myspace but can't find any. In this article I'll teach you how to use Reverse Image tracking to find out the origins or other copies of that same picture you just found on your spouse's email.

This is useful for those of you who have access to your spouse's facebook/myspace/emails where they keeps pictures in. It's not uncommon for cheating spouses to keep pictures of the women or men they cheat with. So to save money and not have to hire a private investigator to track the picture's origin, you can try and do a little detective work of your own.

This method will only work for people who actually find pictures that their cheating spouses' hide. Whether this will help you decide that you have a cheating spouse or not is up to you, what I'm going to show you now is just how to find the source of that picture.

Steps to Reverse Image Tracking :

Step 1 Download that picture to your desktop.

Step 2 Upload that picture to this website.

Step 3 Select "Best Match" under Sort Order.

That's all you need to do and you'll be able to see all pictures that are either similar, or identical to your spouse's pic you uploaded. You can also try and upload a picture of your spouse to check what other websites are hosting it. Your husband or wife may have another social site/website/secret blog that they are not telling you about. Great way to find out for free if your spouse has any signs that they are cheating.

Here's an example of the above steps. We'll use a picture of someone famous, like Marilyn Monroe.

First we upload the picture. You can also just link to it directly. To link to a picture directly, select the picture of your spouse, or the suspected person they are cheating with and do one of the following :

FireFox browsers
Right click on the picture and click on "Copy Image location"
Paste that copied link on the link option to the right of the upload option.

For Google Chrome browsers
Right click on the picture and click on "Copy Image URL"
Paste that copied link on the link option to the right of the upload option.

For Internet Explorer browsers
Right click on the picture and click on "Properties"
Highlight and copy the URL found on "Adress (URL)" line and paste it on the link option to the right of the upload option.It should look like this if you choose to upload. If you chose to directly link (won't work if your spouse's picture is set to private or is at their email), link should be filled up instead of the upload option.

The results will then be displayed after the website searches for the pictures inside their database. It should look like this when you're done. The red area is where your results will be displayed, with the most relevant starting at the top.

This will hopefully help you find out if your spouse could potentially be cheating on you, or show you the origins of the pictures they secretly keep. If you get lucky and find someone's facebook/myspace or website with their name on it, and you think that person could be cheating on your with your spouse, you can try and take this step a little further by looking for a phonenumber on their social sites and the running a background check on that phone. There's a link on the sidebar for reverse phone tracking which is private and discreet. You could also use that reverse phone tracking tool on unknown or unsaved phone numbers on your spouse's cellphone or your home phone's caller ID.

If you're gutsy enough that you don't care if they find out about you (with their caller ID or *69) you can just call them and fish for information, like their name and if they know who your spouse is.

Some tips on where to find pictures to reverse image track

1. If you have access to your spouse's phone, upload the pictures to your computer and then use reverse image tracking to find out who those people are or where their sites/facebok/myspace is located at.

2. Use a cellphone spy program that lets you download images and videos from your spouse's phone if you don't have access to it.

3. Check the company website your husband/wife works for and look at the employees section. Try and remember someone of the opposite sex that your spouse has either talked about little too much, or never mentioned them at all and run their pictures on the reverse tracking site.

4. Do a search on your computer for hidden files/images.

5. You can also try and googling your spouse's name, and see who posts his/her pictures, or talks about him/her.


Anonymous said...

How to find out who copied your picture on facebook? Will it show private results?

Blogger said...

Facebook reverse picture search only works if the profile is not hidden.

Anonymous said...

Terribly ineffective, unless your spouse is cheating with Marilyn Monroe. Wank wank!

Blogger said...

Haha, it works on all pictures that are not hidden from search engines.

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