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Detect a Tracking Device in your car

Recent emails said that my first post, is your car being tracked by gps, was not clear, so I'll post about it again and attempt to clarify.

First of all, I'm not writing this because I support the cheating spouses and don't want them to get caught, I'm writing this just to help educate those who don't know. You might even be the one getting tracked by a cheating spouse so they know where you are at all times! Before you continue, I would just like to remind everyone, that tracking and REMOVING a spy device/GPS device in your car placed there by the government to monitor you IS ILLEGAL. If you have a GPS device that was attached somewhere in your car by the government DO NOT REMOVE IT. Just wanted to make that clear.

Okay, so moving back to topic, how do we detect a tracking device in our car? You have two options.

First is to look for local directory, list down all the mechanics that are near your area and ask them if they provide an RF scanner service/GPS detection service. If they do, problem solved. Just take your car down to the mechanics and have them do a "sweep" on your car.

Second option to detect a tracking device, if you don't want to take your car to a mechanic, you can order an RF detector and do it yourself (click picture to see an RF detector). What is an RF detector? It's simply a device that monitors the signals GPS devices/cellphones send out. Sort of like this :

GPS sends out signal -> Satellite receives signal and sends it back to receiver --> Person spying on you gets your exact location on the map

An RF detector will beep/flash when it detects the signal being sent from the GPS (if your car has one attached) to the satelliate, and that's when you'll know you are being spied on. Makes it seem like we're in some kind of spy movie, right? This is one of the problems technology has brought with it, people can actually use satellites to spy on you.

This does not just mean your cheating spouse could be spying on you, it could mean anyone who can buy a GPS tracker can spy on you or your kids. Which is why I wrote this article, to help give you more knowledge to protect your family.

Even though I find it perfectly acceptable for a spouse to attach a GPS in a car they both own (it's LEGAL to attach GPS to a car you own BTW), I still want to provide this info for those who don't know how to detect a GPS device in their cars. Never attach a GPS device on someone's car if they are not your spouse/kids/family. It's illegal. Only reason I find it acceptable to attach it to your family member's cars is for protection, and of course if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you.


Anonymous said...

How do I use an RF tracker to detect a GPS tracking device? How much is it for just a simple one and do you recommend getting one myself or renting an rf tracker?

Blogger said...

It depends on how much your local electronics shop / mechanics charge. If it's cheaper than the item above, go for it.

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