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10 Signs of a cheating wife

Signs Of A Cheating Wife

The first things you will notice when you suspect that your wife is cheating on you is that her behavior is slowly changing. Here are some some of the signs of a cheating wife :

Your wife is being vague or secretive
Your wife no longer shares what happens to her on a daily basis. When you do pry out an answer from her, she gives you vague answers, no names, times, places. Answers like "Oh nothing, we just went to lunch" "Just with a friend" "I'm too tired to remember, sorry" will cause anyone to doubt whether or not they have a cheating wife.

Your wife changes the topic to something about you
After giving you vague answers, she suddenly starts to ask YOU what you have been doing. If this starts to become common and she keeps answering your questions with vague answers or her own questions, you are right to be suspicious that you might have a cheating wife.

Your wife no longer drags you to places or events
Sounds good, right? Think again. You wife used to drag you shopping, wanting your opinion about every little thing she buys. Takes you out to see this new shop / show etc. It stopped happening? Then you may have a cheating wife. It's your call whether this is a post fight "I need some time alone" thing or she just suddenly becomes independent of you and this has never happened before. You are right to worry, slowly separating in small ways like these may lead to a break up.

Your wife stopped nagging and yelling at you
Woo, another good thing? Not really.. If she used to get mad and nag you about every little thing, and suddenly stop, especially coupled with the vague answers and trips "alone" to the mall etc, you may have a cheating wife. If you think this is a blessing and not a curse, you should wonder WHY your wife stopped caring. If this is a mutual thing and you don't care about each other, you wouldn't be here reading this. But if you really don't care about your wife anymore, you may want to read this article "When you should consider a divorce"

Your wife starts being overly nice
Suddenly, you can watch all the games you want, stay out late, do whatever you want and you get no yell or sermon from your spouse. She even cooks your favorite meal! This could be because she's distracting you from what is really going on, or it's caused by guilt of an affair. You might have a chaeting wife if this happens out of the blue and seems like there is no reason for her to be doing this. If she has never done this before and you have been with her for a long time, this should cause you to worry even more. Yes women think men are THAT dumb, and according to Dr. Holmes, women ARE better at cheating because of their ability to keep secrets better than men. Kris talks about it in an article called "Do Men Cheat More Than Women"

Your wife starts caring more about her physical appearance
A sure sign that you have a cheating wief is when she out of nowhere starts caring more and more about her looks. She may get on a new diet, start doing cardio, might purchase weight loss pills, etc. You might notice when you have sex (if you do still have sex often) that she started trimming or shaving down there. If she never did that before, and all of a sudden does, you should research as much as possible on how to catch a cheating wife, because that is one of the most GUARANTEED signs that you can ever expect to find. I asked my wife if she would shave herself if I didn't ask her to, she said "No, unless I was single and dating. Other than that, I hate when the hair starts to grow back".

You can buy absolutely any book that discusses signs of cheating and you are sure to find this sign in there, people (husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriends) who suddenly care more about their appearance will always have a reason behind it. If you're not that reason, someone else is.

A normal thing with cheating wives, when you have sex with them (if they still have sex with you that is) they will no longer be excited, active, or enjoy it. All forms of intimacy will be missed. When you ask her what's wrong, she always says "I'm not in the mood" or "I'm tired". Meaning, she's getting it elsewhere. Learn how to catch a cheating wife and find out who is stealing your wife. See the link, Kris compiled all the ways to catch a cheating spouse in one long article, which is constantly being updated.

Your wife starts spending more money on things you don't even see
It maybe new clothes, sexy lingerie, dinner with her "girl" friends, etc. If you do not see where the money goes, or what the money brings home, you should be worried. Secrecy always means there is something bad going on behind your back, it could be another man, or maybe even a woman, point is, you may have a cheating wife. Consistently ask for receipts, this can cause two things to happen. One is she will stop spending for things because she can't explain what/why and for who, or she's going to show you the receipts to shoot down your suspicions that she is cheating or hiding something.

Secret phone calls and text messages
A cheating wife usually puts down the phone whenever you get home, or near her. Phone calls don't just happen when you are at work, if your wife is cheating and you are at home, they may even have phone sex to add to the thrill of the affair. Does your wife send text messages a lot more than she used to? This is an easy way of knowing whether or not she is cheating on you as there are tons of ways to spy on your spouse when she is using an instant messenger, or cellphone. You can catch her easily by using a cellphone spy tool or a keylogger for your computer. Secret phones or work based computers will be a problem though, since you can't manipulate them. Also simcard readers will not work on newer smartphones/phones that don't even require simcards.

Keeping an eye out for your car

If you notice that your wife keeps the car clean, when she'd normally hate to clean the car, you may have a infidelity problems. An easy way for you to know whether or not she is lying to you is by checking on the miles of the car, and ask her everyday where she went. You'll immediately know when she is lying if the numbers don't match with her story. An even easier way to find out if she's lying without needing to ask her is to buy a tiny gps tracker and attach it to your car.

Monitor your computer
Another good way on how to catch a cheating wife is to keep your computer monitored all the time. This is a difficult process, as the results may cause you a lot of pain and anxiety. Before putting in any programs to spy on your suspected cheating wife, first check on how long she normally stays on the computer, try asking her what she's doing, and notice if whenever you walk nearby she minimizes her conversations and opens up a website to hide them. If you suspect foul play, read the cheating spouse guide. Every method of catching a cheating spouse is listed there. Just an FYI if you are buying a keylogger, do not spend on those overhyped $150+ keyloggers that record videos and other unneeded features. All you need really is the ability to read text that is typed on your computer.

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