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How to catch a cheating spouse has lots of articles for you to read, I offer this free and based from my own personal experience coupled with some books I have read that helped me.

Update : After 3 years, this site has evolved into just focusing on cheating husbands, to now focusing on both wife and husband. Please don't bother sending us hate mail, we talk about both sexes equally and we are not "manhaters".

This Contact page is for you to use if you ever have a question that is too personal to ask here. You may comment anonymously but if that is not enough privacy for you, you can ask your personal questions by email.

I will also add a personal experiences section for those of you that would like to share your own personal experience with a cheating husband or cheating wife and what you did to cope with infidelity. I will not spam, or post anything you do not want me to post. If you want to post a few words about your cheating spouses, you should use this cheating spouse stories page. I hate cheating bastards as much as you, believe me, as I was cheated on by my first husband a few years after we got married, but you should NEVER post their private details here or on any other site.

I promise to never share your email, private data, or anything you don't want shared. That being said, I also would like to not get spammed, so only email me with related questions and I will try to respond or post your email at the personal experience page ASAP, if you want it posted of course. You can email me at catch a cheater admin at gmail dot com.

Hopefully, you will learn how to catch a cheating husband or wife with all the articles and info you find in this site.

Good luck, and always hope for the best.

January 2011 Update :
If you want to share your personal experiences with the readers of this site, please post it as a comment on the cheating spouse stories page.

We also started a forum if ever people want to share info and give advice to each other, you may do so at anticheater.dailyforum.net (this forum is dead, new here's the new cheating spouse forum). You are not required to register to make posts, but you do have to register to send me a personal message. (my name there is the same as here, Kris, Hana is still Hana, and Mike is MichaelZ)


Sheila-Army Wife said...

Do you want to link exchange?

Blogger said...

Drop me an email so we can talk, Sheila. :)

Anonymous said...

Husbands cheating,the bastred but want to know from ya all out there what can he talk to her on other than a cell phone?? It is really small and he mostly listens,I havent found it yet but trying!!!What could it be that small where he can hide it anywhere and I go to look and never find it but even hear it buzz!!! what can it be????? Help

Blogger said...

I'm not sure what could be smaller than a cellphone that he can use to talk to people with.

Maybe he is using a cellphone with a headset? I'm sorry I can't be much more help cause I am also clueless to this.

Got no one who'll listen to your problems? Or we can email. I may not always be prompt but I ALWAYS reply. Shoot an email to Kris (catchacheateradmin at gmail dot com).

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