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Spying on your cheating husband may get you trouble

Am I breaking the law when I spy on my cheating husband?

A lot of you who discovered or suspect that you have a cheating husband may end up the one being sued or in trouble for your actions. As I have said before, when trying to catch a cheating spouse, make sure you spend a good amount of time researching the tools necessary and the methods on how to catch your cheating spouse safely. If you are planning to just buy keyloggers, cellphone spies, hidden cameras, or hiring a private investigator without thorough research, you might just be setting yourself up for failure.

Some of the tools you can use to catch your cheating spouse :

1. Keyloggers - simple tools that you attach at the back of your PC, on the keyboard socket to be more specific. For more info on keyloggers, check the links found on this website, or click on this for help on setting up your own keylogger if you already purchased one. Link :How to catch your cheating husband - Keyloggers.

2. Cellphone Spies - One of the best tools in catching a cheating husband, these programs allow you to read text messages that are stored, or even those that were just deleted. The more expensive methods that allow you to spy on a cellphone are those that let you listen in on calls, and turn your husband's cellphone into a "bug" like you see in the movies. By turning it into a "bug" you can call the cellphone of your husband and it will allow you to hear whatever is in the immediate area of the phone. Totally undetectable if you have purchased a good product. For more info on cellphone spies, check the links found on this website.

If you've thought about purchasing, or have purchased any of these already, be warned. These gadgets, if not used properly, may get you sued. Contacting divorce lawyers before actually telling your cheating husband that you know about his affairs is the smartest thing you could do. Especially if you live in the US.

Purchasing these types of gadgets are not illegal at all, but how you use them might cause you trouble in court. In your defense, I know that it takes a lot to go thourgh something like this in a relationship and that your depression, anxiety, anger, or desperation may have caused you to buy these equipments to get the evidence you need to teach your cheating husband a lesson. All these negative feelings you have may have caused you to be ignorant to the laws governing the use of spy gear, surveillance gadgets, and the likes, so please research about that or consult divorce lawyers. In the US, there are laws governing the use of such equipment to intercept or electronically listen in to conversations or activities of individuals without their consent.

Even hiring private investigators may cause you trouble, this is why I highly recommend researching as much details as you can about the private investigator that you will hire. In most states in the US you, your private investigator, or even a friend of yours if you persuaded them to follow your cheating husband, could be held liable. The evidence you find on your husband by your own means should only be for you. An advantage in catching him red handed, because evidence gathered ilegally is useless in a court of law. Remember that when you pick a private investigator to hire, those who use illegal means to aquire evidence can be sued by your cheating husband, and you along with them.

This is another method most victims of cheating do that WILL backfire on you if you get caught. Pretending to be someone else inorder to get information from banks, phone companies, etc will get you in a lot of trouble in court. Your cheating mate could potentially sue you, or win over your case because of illegally aquired evidence.

What can I do legally to catch my cheating husband or wife?

It looks as if the cheaters always have the better of the deal, and it feels like you actually are in a losing battle, but really you don't need anything other than your knowledge of him, and the list found here on signs of a cheating spouse. This isn't enough for some, and I understand the need to validate your suspicions, but be very careful when using cellphone spy programs in catching a cheating spouse.

What can I legally do to monitor my spouse's activity?

1. Attach a GPS tracker on a car that you own. It is not illegal to do this, as long as you own the car.

2. If you own a cellphone and your husband or wife uses it, you can attach GPS tracking to your cellphone. It IS LEGAL to monitor that cellphone if YOU OWN IT.

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