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Husband is cheating but shows no signs

You can feel he is cheating, but he doesn't show signs of cheating.

Do you have a feeling that your husband is cheating on you? You've read signs of a cheating husband but he shows little to none of them. But you still have a feeling that your husband is cheating on you, read on and hopefully this will help you catch a cheating husband.

Sometimes it is very difficult to tell whether a husband is cheating on you. There are some husbands or boyfriends that are very good liars, they may actually become more loving and caring when they are cheating/having an affair to help cover up the fact they ARE cheating. They make sure you have no doubt on whether or not they are faithful.

Some signs that can help clue you in on whether or not your husband is cheating on you:

1. Suddenly your husband is more loving or caring than he usually is. This happens every time he has to go out, or will tell you that he is going out, and when your husband gets back home. When you ask about the details, you husband is usually always giving you vague details.

2. You catch your husband off guard. You call his workplace to check if he is doing overtime, but he isn't. You call his friend's place to check if they are hanging out, but his friend has no idea where hs is. You try calling his cellphone but it is turned off. Then you tell him about it when he gets home, he makes something up and gets testy about it and ask you if you're trying to call him a cheater. A cheating husband will often try to justify his actions by being defensive or even aggressive when he finds out you're getting to the part where you'll ask him if he is cheating.

3. He actually jokes about cheating. My longtime boyfriend, and now ex husband, used to do this when he was cheating on me. I would ask him where he was going, he would say "I have to go see my hot little mistress now..hahaha just kidding honey, I'm going to hang out with the guys, beers, sports, the usual." I don't know what kind of sick person does this, but it does happen. I think this is a psychological thing that they actually enjoy it more if they lie to your face before they cheat on you. I actually believed him during the early stage, but then it started happening all too often. If it wasn't the "guys" it was work, which always happened after dinner. I caught my husband cheating by using cellphone spy tools. (check around this website for some spy tools) Some cellphone spies will allow you to listen in on calls and read text messages. Check them out, they will be worth your time.

4. The really good liars are the cheating husbands that actually get mad at you and pick fights. They will pick fights right before they leave, so he would have a reason to turn off his cellphone or ignore you and not tell you where he is going. If you husband is picking fights with you when you ask him where he is going, or where he has been, you shoul be suspicious that your husband is hiding something.

If you haven't already done so, check out some of the ways found on this website on how to catch a cheating husband. Cellphone spies are cheap and effective, another substitute for private investigators.

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