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Cellphone Spy Emails

Here's an email from Lia G. I decided to post it because of the similar question asked repeatedly. I also edited the original article.

in the article how to catch a cheating husband, you refer to 3 different spy programs but you dont list the names of them, or where i can find them. i am interested in using the 2nd or 3rd program and would like to know what it is and where to get it.
appreciate the info.
thank you
Here's the link to the new mobile phone spy, with an actual recommendation. The purpose of the first article "cell phone spy overview" was to give you just that, an overview of the types of cellphone spies out there. So for a product recommendation, check the newer post.

Any future emails asking this question or similar question will be answered with just a link to this pots. Not trying to be cold or anything, just trying to save time cause things are getting a bit hectic in real life.

Update May 2011:
Okay, this is crazy, seems no one wants to actually read things through haha. After posting this, I got even more questions about email on cell phone spies. If the title was misleading, I'm sorry. This post was meant to answer the cell phone spy email questions I get sent.

Since this created new questions, I'll update it with this :
Yes, the cell phones spies that are both featured in the "mobile phone spy" article are both capable of reading emails that you send through your cell phones. Basically anything that is accessed on the internet through those phones are saved at the webservers of the respective cell phone spy services you are paying for. You can also make your cell phone spy "send to email", a function that updates you via email in case the phone you are monitoring has changed location, sent a new text, etc.

And no, there will never be a recommended free cell phone spy or keylogger. Read the article to find out why I won't ever post one here, and why you should never risk downloading "free" software that serves an important function.

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