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Private Investigators during Valentine's Day

Different security businesses and private investigators say that cheating rate goes up during Valentine's Day. Some even go as far as to thank the cheaters for their increase in sales during valentine's day, because for them, when your spouse cheats on you they make a lot of money from selling their services to help you catch your spouse red handed. Knowing the fact that there are more instances of cheating during valentine's day, you should plan ahead to prevent cheating.

Some things you could do, if you don't know whether or not you have a cheating spouse is look for cheating signs. If you know you have a cheating spouse, set a plan for valentine's day and make sure your spouse will have no excuse to leave or not be with you on that day. If they have already preemptively said that they will be out of town for work, or have other things to do and can't be home, you could take a look at GPS car trackers, or cellphone GPS software to track your car or your cellphone.

Watch what this private investigator has to say about cheaters and private investigators.

A day in the life of a private eye

If you are looking to hire a private eye, please read this guide to help you select a private investigator. Be sure to do your research, if you hire an amateur PI, he or she may get you into legal trouble if they do anything illegal.

If you have had any experience with a private investigator, please use the "private investigator reviews" page and post about it to help others who are looking for a good reliable PI company.

On a lighter note, watch jimmy kimmel make fun of cheaters in this video :

1 comment:

Paulie said...

Cheating is the most hurtful thing somebody can do. We put all this trust and love into a relationship and we assume the other person does the same thing. In some cases that doesn't happen and instead of actually ending the relationship right then and there, they instead go around our backs and cheat on us which is tenfold more hurtful. I actually had to hire a PI myself because I suspected my fiance of cheating and.....I was right. The private investigator new york city provided video and audio evidence of her little adventure. My trust in partners has been squandered and I just hope people will someday understand how much damage cheating on somebody can do.

Take care!

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