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Can a Private Eye monitor your home without you knowing?

Reader asks if a private eye can legally install spy cameras in your house without your knowledge to monitor you/your spouse. The answer is yes, if your spouse, or the owner of the house hired them. But you still have to do your own research for state laws because some states will require you to notify your spouse and inform them that the house is being monitored by a private investigator. We won't give you legal advice, and this is the last email question I'm going to reply to regarding this matter. Sorry folks.

If you hire a private investigator to catch your spouse cheating, and you don't own the house/condo/apartment that you are living in, and that P.I. installs spy cameras, microphone/"bugs" (the ones that record audio), your spouse can sue you and the private eye you hired.

Same goes for cellphone spies installed on cellphones you do not own, GPS trackers installed on phones/cars that you do not own, keyloggers on computers you do not own, etc.

Just remember when you want to install something that monitors activity, you MUST OWN whatever object you want monitored.

Now hiring a private eye to monitor your spouse in a PUBLIC place, that will cause you no legal problems since the place is public. You'll see alot of examples of that in the show cheaters in case you are in doubt.

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