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This is where the emails that I have received from people that have visited and would like to share their experience on cheating husbands will be posted. There is no cheating wife section yet well, because there aren't any emails about that yet. I only post emails of people that WANT me to post it, either anonymously or with a name you chose.

January 2011 Update : All emails sent, will be posted at cheating spouse stories page. If you would like to leave a comment about your experiences instead of an email, please do so there. It's for the benefit of future readers who are in a similar situation as yourselves. Also feel free to post on the forum, no registration is needed. It's just there for people that want to vent and/or give advice.

I would like to thank Hanna I. for allowing me to share her story about her cheating husband and how she caught her cheating husband.

from Hanna I M**** <********@ymail.com>
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to catch a cheater admin at g mail dot com
date Sun, Dec 26, 2008 at 7:24 PM
subject Story of how I found out my husband cheated.
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Hi Kris? (I was wondering what your name was)

This is how it started.

I noticed that my husband who is..or WAS always sweet and caring slowly changed into a cold, silent person over the years. We have been married for 5 years, and just last year (2007) he was starting to give me the impression that something was going wrong. An affair maybe? I thought it was stupid of me to think that because he's my HUSBAND, he would never do that to me.

We rarely had sex. It was not my fault, he just wasn't interested in sex anymore.

I thought he was having a midlife crisis because he kept buying expensive clothes, watches, even a new car on his birthday.

He stayed out more hours than he should after work (he is an IT consultant). Often came home late. I used to wait for him and not eat dinner until I got used to him not eating at home, and whenever he came home he headed straight to bed, or the shower.

I always asked him at night when we were in bed together if something was wrong. All I get is the cold shoulder and sometimes he would even get irritated that I keep asking "stupid" questions.

I was suspicious of him cheating before, but this is just getting worse. I could not sleep or even eat anymore when he wasn't home. And when he was home, sundays, he was either too tired or too busy with work to do anything with me.

I decided to purchase a keylogger and put it on our home computer. I didn't even know what a keylogger was, but after doing thorough research, I purchased and installed it with not much problem. I have attached the following IM conversation in this email

Maybe this was all "fantasy" since it's just online chat, so I decided to spy on his cellphone too. I tracked where he was, and his stories did not match what I found. I kept at it for a month until I decided to confront him about his lies.

He admitted that he saw some "friends" after work and it was nothing. The online chat transcripts proved different, so did the cellphone tracker that I bought. And this very much explains his secrecy and phone calls to unknown numbers.

We are now in the process of divorce and I am glad to not waste any more time with him. Wish me luck, and thank you for your kind emails and support.

Hanna I** *****

Please send us an update when you have finished dealing with your cheating husband. This is all I will share for now, as the IM conversations are too long, and very inappropriate language is used. If you would like to censor some details, then feel free to resend it, or maybe a shorter transcript. Thank you again, Hana, and feel free to keep emailing or PMing me in the forum we met each other from.

By the way, that reason I don't post names is that both me(Kris, the one you met at the forum) and my husband post here.(mike, the one who writes about the men's side, cause he thinks I'm being unfair, and he also gives his input before posting. lol)

I'm working on more anti cheater articles, and I'm going to gather more information now about evidence, legal action, and divorce. Would help me greatly if you shared what keylogger you used.


Hanna said...

Will do!

Sorry, I thought you would like to include that IM conversation.

Once divorce is finalized, I might even send you his picture!

Continue on with your blog, I will help out too.

As far as the keylogger..hmmm let me get back on you with that. Don't remember the name right now.


Blogger said...

Sorry Hanna for the late reply. We've been busy.
Have a happy new year :)

(email me for a faster reply)

Sheila-Army Wife said...

Hi...Are you sure we weren't married to the same ex husband?...lol...Sounds so much like my ex.
Nice Blog.

Gemma said...

Same with Sheila. I think we have the same husband :-P

Got no one who'll listen to your problems? Or we can email. I may not always be prompt but I ALWAYS reply. Shoot an email to Kris (catchacheateradmin at gmail dot com).

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